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Yellow Stone erscheint beim Zwerchfell-Verlag

Hauptcharakter Noah isst Hotdog

Mhh Zwerchfell, das gefällt auch unserem Hauptcharakter Noah.

Der ein oder andere von euch wird bereits gemerkt haben, dass die YELLOW STONE-Posts von Dave und mir bei Facebook, Instagram und Twitter wieder zunehmen …

Ist da was im Busch?

… werdet ihr euch gefragt haben.

Und wie!

Jetzt können wir es auch euch verraten:

YELLOW STONE wird beim deutschen Independent-Comicverlag „Zwerchfell“ erscheinen. #wohoo!

Was heißt das genau?

Konkret bedeutet das, dass Dave und ich ab sofort mit Zwerchfell zusammen daran arbeiten, unseren YELLOW STONE-Traum in die Realität umzusetzen. Es wird im Moment also eine Menge gefeilt, geschliffen, diskutiert und analysiert. Dazu später mehr.


Covertest Yellowstone ComicZwerchfell existiert bereits seit 25 Jahren. Auf seiner Website schreibt der deutsche Independent Verlag, dass er „neue, aufstrebende Talente“ fördert und „innovative Projekte“ realisiert, „an die sich andere Häuser nicht heranwagen.“ Das war uns natürlich gleich sympathisch. 😊

Ein paar Titel, die bei Zwerchfell erscheinen sind: Die Pfeffer Chroniken (Fantasy), Survivor Girl (Horror Parodie), Das Nichts und Gott (Satire / Philosophie), Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof (Webcomic), Punch Drunk (Coming of Age).

Yellow Stone?

Wenn euch YELLOW STONE noch nichts sagt, dann schaut doch mal in unserem Making-of Bereich vorbei, lest euch den Klapptentext durch oder schaut euch das Video von Treetop Media an.

To be continued …

Yellow Stone: Origin Story / 2002

North Rhine-Westphalia is not Wyoming and Germany not the USA. So why do a comic about a place so far afar?

Because I’ve been there.

In 2002/2003 I went abroad to the United States as an exchange student. While I spent most of my months in Buffalo NY (go Bills!), I had the opportunity to travel to some interesting places: Boston, Maine, New York City, Washington D.C. … and yes, Yellowstone!

With a bunch of other exchange students I witnessed the beauty of Yellowstone National Park: it’s Geysers and hot wells, Buffalos crossing the road, thundering waterfalls and high mountains.

Inside a geological museum I first heard about the sleeping supervolcano underneath Yellowstone. It was this danger of another eruption and what it could mean to the U.S. (and even the world) that captured my imagination. The first seed was planted.

Years passed. I went back to Germany, finished school and went to Münster to study English and History. Since tinkering with fiction is one of my hobbies (hello pen & paper RPG!), I sometimes went back to that Yellowstone idea. At this stage, there was no story, just worldbuilding. At one time, it wasn’t even science fiction but alternate history – 09/11 not as a terrorist attack but as a volcanic tragedy. Over the years one thing became more and more clear: It would be a story about a post-apocalyptic society. I didn’t want to tell a story about people escaping Armageddon but rather how Armageddon changed the surviving society. To compare it with Roland Emmerich’s movie “2012”: What happens after those well-armed, high-tech, western refugees get to Africa? How would the remaining Africans react? That’s what got me, not the other 99% of the movie.

In the summer of 2015 the world building got more and more detailed. But it wasn’t until I teamed up with Dave in January 2016 that our main character Noah took form.

Yellow Stone: Jump into the unknown

While finishing up the first chapter of Yellow Stone, my partner in crime postet quite a few teasers on Instagram. Teasers, I wouldn’t want to hide from you guys.

1. Sometimes you have to jump into the unknown.

2. What’s all the fuzz about?

3. Waking up and there is nothing in the fridge…

4. First Page preview!

5. What happened at Yellowstone?

Yellow Stone: Dave is on the move


This time it’s Dave (the artist of Yellow Stone) at the mic talking about his working process: 

„Time to get this monster done. Yellowstone in the making, ideas becoming real.

Portrait of Dave ScheffelNoah’s journey is my journey

Noah’s journey is also my journey. Our main character Noah, is in the move, and so am I. Moving and packing things is currently my everyday work. I’m in the move like Noah, reaching out to new adventures, trying to start a new life in another city, getting new inspirations.

The city is my studio

Storyboard and inking-time is quite fun for me. I get my inspiration in bars, cafes and other places I can sit and draw. My workplace at home gives me headaches, the internet is screaming for attention and it is quiet there. Drawing a comic whose main plot is about ordinary people we met every day needs to be done where people gather, in public. So if you want a quick glimpse of an everyday illustrator’s life, keep an eye out to spot them (or me) in cafes, bars or everyday places.“

Yellow Stone: storyboard

Yellow Stone: storyboard of the first chapter

Yellow Stone: Road stop and Plan B

Some Porn Bear and Yellow Stone-scetches

No post, no work? Not really. We are still working on putting together a strong pitch for publishers in Germany and abroad.

Writing for Yellow Stone is complete

Story-wise we are done for the moment. The script for the first chapter of Yellow Stone is finished, so is the synopsis and the elevator pitch. Thus if a publisher would appear on our doorstep today and ask what the hell Yellow Stone is about, we would have some nice answers to give. Of course there will be some dialogue-trimming once Dave is done with chapter one but for now the docs on my laptop can get some rest.

Storyboard for chapter one - Yellow Stone

Art of chapter one is in the making

Speaking of which. Even if a hand full of pages would be enough to pitch our comic to the publishers, we decided to finish the whole first chapter of Yellow Stone. This way even if there isn’t a book deal yet we can print the first chapter and bring it to Conventions for you to look at.

Early storyboards for Yellow Stone

Postscript, Prescript … Porn Bear?

So tumble weeds, long sleeps and Margaritas in the typing department? No sir. Writing for our second project has already started. For now, I can only give you the working title:

Porn Bear.
A really sad but true story.


Yellow Stone: The Story

Map of the USA and the Zone

Last time we showed you the preliminary cover with our protagonist Noah on it. This time you get a sneak peak at the world and the story of „Yellow Stone“. Enjoy!

The Story

The future. After a fraction of the Yellowstone-supervolcano has erupted, the US-government deports all citizens of the Midwest to the coasts. To avoid economic chaos, the evacuated states are leased to corporations. They call it the Zone.

Ten years later: Noah is a Midwest-refugee like many in the D.C.-area: poor, unemployed and discriminated. Instead of fighting for his rights he keeps his head down, until one day he receives a disc with classified data on it. Information so important every police in the state is now on the hunt for him …

The Timeline

2025: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are devastated by the Yellowstone-breakout. Evacuation to the coasts follows. Establishment of the Zone.

The following years: To keep refugees from crossing into the Zone, construction of the wall begins. Finding of rare earths within the Zone. Another volcanic eruption destroys Salt Lake City within hours.

2035 / today: First election since 2023. Refugee-candidate William Hill declares his candidacy in Little Texas, Washington D.C.

The Map

The map was done by graphic designer James Hubbell. Thanks James! This is his Tublr.