Q. Ns am eight months’ pregnant, and started bleeding a little bit ~ sex, however I feel the infant move and also kick! Is whatever ok?

A. Tiny blood ship in the cervical area frequently break together a an outcome of intercourse so late in pregnancy, but there is naught dangerous around it. In reality there is one (unproven) concept that the prostaglandin in semen helps to soften the cervix, making job faster and easier. Together you deserve to imagine, this is no a simple matter for dependable investigation, but certainly does stand to reason.

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Q. Ns am 34 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound confirmed a lack of development of my baby’s head and also abdomen. What might be the reasons? i have had all regular reports before this. The physician says I can have to walk for early on delivery. Will very early delivery save my baby from having actually normal mental and also physical growth?

A single reading that this sort is no going to administer definitive information. However, if another reading still reflects no growth, this could be due to inadequate distribution of oxygen and/or nutrients to the baby. There is a form of late pregnancy experimentation which can shed more light ~ above this.

Q. Ns am 33 weeks’ pregnant and when walking ns am gaining a major pelvic pain that will protect against me in my tracks. Is this normal?

A. Most likely, this pain is being caused by the common separation of the area of the pubic bone we speak to the symphysis. Over there is actually a share in this midline area which opens up up a bit, and also this provides more room because that descent the the baby during labor. This separation, however, causes the 2 ends of the bone to obstacle together, which deserve to be fairly painful. Think the it as your body’s method of telling you the it’s time come rest much more and go less.

Q. I’m 29 weeks’ pregnant, and about a week ago I lost what looked favor an eighth of a cup of liquid while sitting down, and I urinated blood twice since. Yesterday I had actually a tiny fluid running down my leg. This is my seventh child and never has actually this occurred before. I’ve had actually premature babies before. What could this be, and is the normal?

A. The significant issue of importance below is the question of whether her membranes have actually ruptured prematurely. Your OB caregiver needs to be educated right away, together the only means to call is through a speculum exam.

Q. I’m 31 weeks’ along and also my doctor told me the my cervix is only at 1 cm once normal is around 3 cm. Can this mean that my small boy is comes early?

A. I don’t think friend heard your medical professional correctly. 1 cm. Is completely normal and indicates nothing. 3 cm. Is not normal and could well show a prematurity risk. Be certain to clarify this with him/her together there are measures which deserve to be bring away to mitigate prematurity dangers to the baby.

Q. I’m 35 weeks’ pregnant and also keep gaining a burning feeling in my belly. It’s been going on because that 2 or 3 days, and also some work it will burn in my neck as well. If it’s heartburn, will I have it every the time? can the baby have heartburn?

A. Really likely it’s heartburn, as your big uterus pressures acid right into the esophagus. It will proceed to happen, but should respond well to antacids. The infant does not experience the same thing.

Q. I’m 32 weeks’ pregnant. For around an hour my vagina has actually been burning inside and also out. Additionally my ship button. And also since climate my stomach has actually been rolling indigenous the bottom to the height of my chest. That hurts. Please help.

A. Most likely these symptoms room a variety of means in which you space responding to transforms in her baby’s position within her uterus. As soon as the infant is low, it causes congestion in the vaginal area and also when it’s high, that will tend to cause pressure upwards towards the chest. None of these are at all dangerous and also should settle themselves fairly quickly, although friend will most likely experience them and also other push symptoms an ext frequently end the next couple of weeks. The an excellent news: At about 37-38 weeks, the baby must settle right into a an ext or less last position therefore the alters won’t be as noticeable.

Q. I’m 38 weeks’ pregnant and just discovered out I have two sacs of water. What does the mean?

A. That’s pretty hard to answers to due to the fact that there is only one sac of waters because that each fetus (other than some very rare instances), so the implication below is that there may have been an unrecognized second twin fetus below at some earlier point. The factor this is strange is that this situation, which, through the way, is no terribly unusual, would generally be detected much earlier on ultrasound. In any event, this is not likely at all to produce any kind of problems because that you.

Q. Mine waterbag to be leaking some fluid out, however the ultrasound mirrors some liquid is there. What does it mean? i am 29 1/2 weeks’ pregnant.

A. What this method is the it is quite most likely that girlfriend will deliver prematurely, most most likely in the next couple of days, so some distinct precautionary measures will should be take away to enhance your baby’s possibilities for survival. Nowadays, most babies do survive in ~ this gestation, although several weeks the hospitalization will certainly be required.

Q. My infant is 36 weeks and also the ultrasound reads that the baby’s just 34 weeks. I am an alleged to check out a specialist this week. What can be wrong?

A. Ultrasound at this suggest of pregnancy has actually no accuracy everything in determining gestational age, so it is most unlikely that anything is wrong at all. However, it is an important to make certain that a baby is cultivation adequately and that there is a normal volume the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby.

Q. I’m 39 weeks’ pregnant. I simply took a hot bath, and also felt a many movement in mine tummy because that the very first time. Is other wrong? have to I not take baths? I likewise found out ns was 1 cm dilated however I am not thinned and also my cervix is high.

A. Ns doubt if there is anything as comfortable because that a ax pregnant woman than to it is in immersed in a nice hot bath. This, amongst other things, bring an increased blood supply to her uterus, which is why your baby began to move more vigorously. Do proceed to gain this as long as you can.

Q. Ns am 31 weeks, and very high risk. About a month ago, I started noticing that I had actually mucus in my stool. Lately, I have actually been seeing an ext mucus. Tonight, though, there to be “clumps” of rubber on the stool. Is this normal?

A. Yes, it is. Rubber is a common product the the glands within the colon and also is not a authorize of any type of disorder. As with similar glands in ~ the cervix, the amount created can increase throughout pregnancy and become more noticeable.

Q. I’m 32 weeks’ pregnant together of this coming Saturday–how frequently should i feel fetal movements, how plenty of times a day, for exactly how long etc.?

A. You space at a point in your pregnancy whereby you should be act what we speak to “daily absent counting”. This is great mechanism for reassuring you yourself of fetal well-being. Briefly, you should collection aside part quiet time, preferably after ~ dinner, as soon as you have the right to avoid preoccupation and also can emphasis upon fetal movement. Her goal is to identify how plenty of minutes it takes for your baby to move 10 separate times. In most cases, this will certainly be completed in simply a an extremely short time, speak 15 or 20 minutes. If, however, the 10th movement has actually not arisen by 60 minutes, then you should start over. If this fail to relocate 10 time in 60 minute happens again, you should proceed directly to the hospital for more intensive testing. Kick counting native 28 mainly onward has been displayed to reduced the stillbirth rate in fifty percent and have to be excellent by every pregnant women. Your provider most likely can provide you a form on which to keep these records.

Q. I’m 37 weeks’ pregnant. Must I start trying to induce my very own labor like natural ways?

A. Ns am so happy you asked this question, as there is so much misinformation the end there around what females at term need to be act to help bring ~ above labor. To start with, there has long to be the false belief that labor is lugged on through walking about a lot. If women have actually tended to buy this since of all the pelvic discomfort that this activity produces, that is completely false. What women must actually execute is spend as lot time as possible at rest and taking in an excellent amounts the liquids, as this is what will an outcome in increased blood flow to the uterus i beg your pardon brings through it oxygen and also nutrients necessary to do the uterus contract. If you doubt this, pay fist to what happens once you first get off your feet; you will most likely feel rise in the contractions we contact Braxton-Hicks. The said, there is an excellent benefit come ambulating when labor is developed as gravity will assist bring the infant down against the cervix and open it increase rapidly. However, ambulating walk not assist to begin labor and most likely actually tends to inhibit it. There is an additional approach, albeit a little controversial and certainly not scientifically tested, i m sorry I mention only because I have actually seen that work plenty of times in my practice. Sexual intercourse results, as we all know, in the deposition that semen top top the cervix. This product is absolutely loaded through a hormone called Prostaglandin, i beg your pardon is know to both soften the cervix and stimulate uterine contractions. Naturally, this particular approach will should be employed only if comfort permits, i m sorry is not always the case. The must additionally be avoided if there are particular risk factors such together ruptured membrane or placental bleeding problems.

Q. Ns am 30 weeks’ pregnant, overweight and also having back problems. I’m dizzy, nauseous, and also am having a headache and cramps. What should I do?

A. This sounds like a case requiring a dramatic palliation in task levels. Her body is just not maybe to keep up with all the needs being inserted upon it best now. You must do what you have the right to to go off of work right away and spend the bulk of the day off her feet between now and also the delivery. Also, pay attention to her diet, so that you remove empty calories and also focus upon healthy food and also a good level of liquid intake.

Q. I am 39 weeks’ pregnant and also just noticed a tiny spot the blood once I saw the loo, but nothing once I wipe and also no rubber plug, etc. Is this a authorize that job is not far off?

A. No really, uneven it is attach by mucus and some level that contractions. Blood ship in the cervix are easily broken, yet do no have any kind of predictive significance.

Q. Ns am eight months’ pregnant, and started bleeding a little bit after sex, but I feel the infant move and kick! Is whatever ok?

A. Little blood ship in the cervical area commonly break as a an outcome of intercourse late in pregnancy, yet there is naught dangerous about it. In truth there is an (unproven) concept that the prostaglandin in semen help to soften the cervix, making labor faster and also easier. Together you have the right to imagine, this is no a an easy matter for trustworthy investigation, yet certainly does stand to reason.

Q. I am nearly 33 weeks’ pregnant, and also my baby has dropped. Ns am beginning to leak a little milk from my nipple, and also have a few Braxton-Hicks contractions. Is labor approximately the corner?

A. No necessarily. Fetal position changes, lactation and Braxton-Hicks contractions are all usual in the third trimester and also do not usually result in pre-term labor.

Q. I’m 37 weeks’ pregnant and also have spicy pains across the center of mine stomach every 20 minutes. I also feel prefer I have to vomit. What’s wrong?

A. You room experiencing what are called Braxton-Hicks contractions, i beg your pardon are completely normal in ~ this stage. They can be quite uncomfortable and also tend to divert blood flow away indigenous the intestines so that digestion have the right to be impaired. The great news is that this will certainly all more than soon.

Q. I am 33 weeks’ pregnant and my hips are beginning to hurt worse than normal. Mine mother-in-law said me mine pelvis is stretching. Is mine baby acquiring ready to come, because the contractions are obtaining worse?

A. Your mother-in-law is correct. Your joints are beginning to open so as to ease the labor process. This is not related to premature labor. If your contractions continue to become more frequent and also stronger, your doctor can examine your cervix, i m sorry is the only way to detect premature birth labor

Q. I am starting my 36th week. The hospital provided me IV fluids and also two different medications to shot to avoid my contractions, i beg your pardon didn’t work. They sent me house to wait since I have only dilated 2 centimeters. Now I have actually a constant pain in my lower left abdomen. I’m no bleeding, however hurting nonetheless. What can this be?

A. This is a reasonably common and also harmless condition called dysfunctional labor. It means that your uterine muscles room contracting in an uncoordinated fashion. In ~ 36 weeks, there is no reason to try to inhibit contractions, together labor at this allude does not pose a risk to one of two people you or her baby. The issue will fix itself soon.

Q. My 31-week scan showed whatever was normal and also my EDD to be July 8, however now I’m 34 weeks and also showing 38 weeks. The EDD additionally shifted to June. My physician said the baby might be big. Is it possible there will certainly be complications? i am really scared about my delivery due to the fact that my very first delivery was premature due to the fact that of less fluid at 32 weeks and also the baby’s mind was not developed and expired in 15 days. You re welcome suggest any kind of test or scan forced to examine the baby’s condition. Mine GTT is likewise normal.

A. The is not possible to accurately day a pregnancy during the 3rd trimester, so her EDD does not readjust as a an outcome of this measurement. Also, fetal weight estimates by ultrasound have tendency not to it is in reliable. As much as testing the baby’s health is concerned, daily kick counting is as good a paramater together there is.

Q. Why am ns so weak during my saturday month that pregnancy? i don’t have power to to walk or to do anything! Is there something wrong with me?

A. Most most likely nothing is wrong with you other than you carrying about a most extra baggage – the infant and about 25 pounds the extra water. Women in the third trimester should look for every possible opportunity to it is in off your feet. The said, it would certainly be recipient to evaluate a few things, such as your blood count and blood sugar to be certain you’re not ending up being anemic or diabetic. If you room reassured about these things, simply look at it as an chance to rest.

Q. I’m 39 weeks’ pregnant. I just took a warm bath, and felt a most movement in mine tummy for the very first time. Is something wrong? must I no take baths? I likewise found out i was 1 cm dilated but I am no thinned and also my cervix is high.

A. I doubt if there is anything as comfortable for a term pregnant woman 보다 to be immersed in a nice warm bath. This, amongst other things, brings an boosted blood supply to her uterus, i beg your pardon is why her baby started to move more vigorously. Do continue to gain this as lengthy as girlfriend can.

Q. I am 34 weeks’ pregnant, and also have been unable to hold down food other than yogurt. Should I be concerned?

A. Yes, you should. Her baby is currently requiring substantial levels that nutrition, and also yogurt will not administer it. This may be a an easy matter of gastric reflux, which is not daunting to control. Begin with trying some simple antacids, yet do bring this to her doctor’s fist if this does not help.

Q. My mam is 35 weeks’ pregnant. Right before bed she began feeling noble to she stomach, felt favor she to be going come vomit and also was occurring a headache. Is over there anything we can do to lull her and ease she suffering?

A. At this suggest in pregnancy, practically all ladies are developing acid reflux in which stomach acids back up right into the esophagus due to pressure from below. Friend can usually keep this sort of symptom come a minimum by the usage of antacids and also this is perfectly safe for both mother and baby.

Q. I am currently 28 weeks’ pregnant. I am just 33 year old, and have had actually to have a hip instead of this year as result of a tumor. Am ns going to need to have a C-section, what kind of recovery have the right to I expect, and how lengthy will the restore take?

A. Hip replacement surgery does not necessarily need you to have a C-section, so lengthy as you room able come flex your thighs adequately to open up the pelvis. In fact, it must be avoided if possible as it will definitely slow under your capability to get around following the birth, which is not something favorable in someone who has had this kind of surgery. Ordinarily, C-section restore takes about eight weeks. I would certainly not mean it to it is in longer since of her hip status.

Q. I’m 38 weeks, 6 days’ pregnant. I lost my rubber plug 5 work ago, and also have been having lower dull ago pain and pelvic pressure. I’m having hot flashes at night and also a many of loose bowel movements. The doctor says i haven’t started dilating. Can these be indications of labor?

A. These room not indications of labor, but, rather, your body preparing because that labor. This is composed mostly of her cervix softening and also opening a tiny bit as well as the digestive system emptying and blood circulation shifting come the an ar of the uterus. The more you check out of this sort of thing before actual labor, the much better off you room as part amount the the work of labor will be completed beforehand.

Q. Ns am 35 weeks’ pregnant, and at times I begin cramping once I’m urinating, i m sorry stops once I finish. Is this normal? Is it Braxton-Hicks contractions?

A. This is normal. In so late pregnancy, the uterus will certainly contract whenever there is some sort of postural change. This includes even the slight positional readjust which occurs once the bladder empties. It does autumn within the definition of Braxton-Hicks contractions, so it has nothing to perform with actual labor.

Q. I am 38 come 39 weeks’ pregnant and also scheduled to have a C-section in ten days. I’m having a many milky-white discharge. Is this normal? This is my second pregnancy,but I have not skilled this before.

A. In the lack of itching, burning or a negative odor, it’s most likely nothing more than a combination of cervical mucus and epithelial cells, which is an extremely normal.

Q. I’m 31 weeks’ pregnant and my baby has actually dropped and also the cervix has opened. Walk this typical the baby is coming?

A. No, the doesn’t. The way you will recognize that her baby is comes is the your labor will certainly start. No various other methods have the right to predict when delivery will occur.

Q. I am 80-percent firm and 1 centimeter dilated. My physician says i am walk to have my baby this month, as soon as my due date is might 22. What do you think?

A. There is no possible method for an test of the cervix be used to predict when someone will deliver, so uneven there is some added information regarding your situation, you may ignore that prediction.

Q. I’m almost 33 weeks’ pregnant, and also I have actually noticed much more frequent contractions end the last three days. They space not regular but I have actually a dull cramp that doesn’t yes, really go away. I have actually had small chunks of blood and it feels as though i am starting my period. I’m not rather sure if ns should speak to my medical professional or wait until my appointment next week.

A. This is not most likely to it is in of any good importance, but should still be interacted to your physician if it has actually not fixed in the following two or 3 days. Bleeding in pregnancy is never thought about normal, but, at a an extremely low level together you describe, commonly resolves itself.

Q. Ns am 32 weeks’ pregnant and I have been emotion numb and hot anywhere my body. Just wondering what that could be and what I have to do.

A. This is a authorize of hormonal change which is a usual event in the third trimester. These changes reason fluctuations in blood flow to the skin, which reasons these symptoms. The is not dangerous and also does not require attention.

Q. Ns am 39 weeks’ pregnant and also I have actually been losing big globs the my mucus plug over the past three days. Now I am having a little bit of irradiate pink spotting however it is no coming v the mucus. What might it be?

A. This is what is dubbed the “bloody show.” It shows that the cervix is starting to shorten, or efface. That usually way that labor will be beginning in the next few days.

Q. Ns am 35 weeks’ pregnant through my very first child, and also I to be a half centimeter dilated. Go this mean my baby will certainly come early? i know one more expectant mom who is 3 weeks ahead of me and also not dilated, but 50 percent effaced. What’s the difference?

A. No of this findings have any kind of bearing everything on once labor will start. Over there is no benefit to understanding the status of her cervix uneven this info is essential in bespeak to arrangement some intervention, such together trying come head turn off a premature birth or inducing labor for some good reason.

Q. Is being diabetic and also having a kidney infection a factor to hold-up a C-section at 39 weeks? Is that serious enough for immediate admission to the hospital?

A. Kidney epidemic at any stage of pregnancy space dangerous and usually do require hospitalization. It would not be recipient to experience a C-section until the epidemic is cleared, uneven there is no various other alternative.

Q. Ns am 36 weeks’ pregnant and also had a nasty fall last night. I have been having bad cramping. Could being this much into my pregnancy placed me into labor?

A. Yes, that could, however this would certainly not it is in a dangerous point at this allude in the pregnancy. If the fall produced bruising of the uterine muscle, this could result in enough irritability to cause labor. Many likely, what will occur is the the injury would not be sufficient to cause labor and also the cramping will slowly diminish end the next few days.

Q. Is it safe if the umbilical cord is approximately my fetus’s neck throughout the 34th mainly of pregnancy?

A. This is a an extremely common position for the cord and also does not subject the fetus to any increased hazards prior to delivery, although the can come to be a trouble in job if that interferes with sufficient blood circulation to the baby. Monitoring will virtually always recognize if that is becoming a problem.

Q. I’m 34-and-a-half weeks’ pregnant. Critical night ns woke up and also vomited about seven times. The midwife said it was just “bugs” in mine stomach. Now I’m not urinating much. Am i going to have any type of problems through the baby? when I was sick the an initial time, a bit of to pee leaked. Did my water rest or was it urine?

A. That doesn’t sound favor your water broke as the is generally pretty dramatic, continuous, and also hard to miss. ~ above the various other hand, you should be certain that the repeated vomiting hasn’t caused you to become dehydrated, which happens easily throughout pregnancy. Be sure to report if this level that vomiting wake up again.

Q. I’m 32 weeks’ pregnant. I had actually a an extremely sharp pain in my ago that lasted for around one hour. Ns took a hot bath and also it quit for 30 minutes; climate it started ago up ten time worse 보다 before. What’s happening?

A. Most of the time, sharp earlier pains in late pregnant are caused by press upon and stretching the nerves comes from the lumbar area together a result of the dramatic changes in attitude that room occurring. Generally, reduced task will reason this come resolve, but if that doesn’t happen, bring it to her doctor’s attention.

Q. I’m 37 weeks’ pregnant v my third baby. Mine left breast, consisting of my nipple, is exceptionally sore. That feels as if I have a plugged duct and that the nipples are sore from poor latch, although ns am not at this time nursing. I am to plan on nursing this baby however am concerned about what could be walk on.

A. It’s not most likely to be a plugged duct together that is brought about by milk i m sorry solidifies in the duct, and far-reaching milk flow does no usually begin until ~ the birth occurs. Much more likely, over there is the beginning of milk production without flow which is bring about pain. Ice packs to the area for a couple of minutes in ~ a time have to keep this under manage for now.

Q. Ns am having a burning sensation in my upper stomach below my breast. What does that mean? I’m 35-and-a-half weeks’ pregnant.

A. At this gestation, stomach acids have actually a propensity to ago up right into the esophagus, causing acid indigestion. Antacids will aid a bit, however don’t intend this come clear fully until ~ the birth.

Q. Ns am 32 weeks’ pregnant through our 2nd daughter. Ns am dilated 3 cm, and also 75 percent effaced. I’m on bedrest. I have actually mild sparse contractions, but the big ones are kept under manage by medication every 4 hours. How likely is the that i will provide her soon? If i do supply her in the next week or so, will she it is in okay?

A. Premature bear (prior come 37 weeks) is quite most likely here, specifically as girlfriend are already under therapy to stop labor. The good news is that with premature newborn care as effective as the is nowadays, healthy survival is the rule and not the exception at your present gestation.

Q. I’m 33 weeks’ pregnant, and my cervix is slightly open. What are possible consequences? Is it for sure to supply at 34 weeks?

A. Her cervix gift slightly open up does not average that you are at any kind of increased danger of carrying prematurely, unless, the course, you are having solid and consistent contractions together well. In any event, 34-week births do not normally create any serious problems for the newborn.

Q. I’m 37 weeks’ pregnant. Need to I begin trying come induce my own labor like organic ways?

A. I am so glad you request this question, together there is so lot misinformation out there about what women at term need to be act to aid bring top top labor. To start with, there has actually long to be the false id that labor is carried on through walking around a lot. While women have actually tended to buy this due to the fact that of every the pelvic discomfort the this activity produces, the is fully false. What women need to actually perform is spend as lot time as feasible at rest and taking in good amounts that liquids, together this is what will result in enhanced blood circulation to the uterus i beg your pardon brings through it oxygen and also nutrients needed to do the uterus contract. If girlfriend doubt this, pay fist to what happens when you very first get off your feet; you will certainly most most likely feel rise in the contractions we contact Braxton-Hicks. That said, there is great benefit to ambulating once labor is developed as heaviness will aid bring the baby down against the cervix and also open it increase rapidly. However, ambulating does not assist to initiate labor and most likely actually often tends to inhibit it. There is another approach, albeit a little controversial and also certainly not scientifically tested, i m sorry I cite only since I have actually seen the work numerous times in mine practice. Sexual intercourse results, together we every know, in the deposition of semen top top the cervix. This product is certain loaded through a hormone dubbed Prostaglandin, i beg your pardon is recognize to both soften the cervix and stimulate uterine contractions. Naturally, this certain approach will must be employed just if lull permits, which is not constantly the case. That must also be avoided if there are certain risk determinants such together ruptured membrane or placental bleeding problems.

Q. I’m 33 weeks’ pregnant with fraternal twins. It’s my third pregnancy and everything has actually gone well so far, as far as mine health and the babies. I feel awful and have remained in pain for weeks, but that’s to be expected. Yesterday the physician said ns was a 1-2 and 50 percent effaced. Can this average I’ll have these babies whenever soon? I want to make it come 34 weeks yet at the very same time i think I’ll die if i had to go till I’m due!

A. 1-2 cm. And 50 percent effaced really don’t median anything as far as predicting the onset of labor. This being various other than your an initial pregnancy, you actually stand a good chance the going come term, i beg your pardon is ideal for the babies, even if it’s uncomfortable for you. 36 weeks would be a good goal come shoot for.

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Q. As soon as I was around six months’ pregnant I had surgery to eliminate a hemorrhoid. At seven months, my sugar was 140 and also I was told I could have gestational diabetes. I did a diet because that a week and when I had the check again it came out negative. I’m 6′, and my husband is 6’2″. I’m 34 weeks and the physician said my infant is probably about 8 lbs and currently on the fetal position. Is the baby huge because the the gestational diabetes or due to the fact that we’re tall? I’m afraid this baby will certainly be too big to provide vaginally. What would certainly be best?

A. What would be ideal is no worry around this situation. The is clear that you carry out not have diabetes, if that’s what your test showed. Over there is nothing how amazing about big parents having huge babies. Be aware that approximates of fetal weight space notoriously undependable. I have not seen plenty of 6′ tall women who have had trouble transferring their babies.


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