If I might give it a 0 i would. EVERY single time i order other online and also it is shipped via UPS, my package sits at the Horsham ar for at least 2 days before it is delivered. I only live 20 minutes from the circulation center! I could go and pick it increase myself! therefore RIDICULOUS and frustrating!!!! This distribution facility needs some severe management.

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terrible customer service I journey twenty miles to be told my package was no there yet still top top truck v driver and also would have to wait 2 hours or come earlier customer service ladwas not helpful and just continue to call me they are.very busy as soon as I complained will not go there again!

Absolutely the worst service. Ns live 15 miles away and also my package is simply sitting there for two days. Frequently, when packages are yielded they"re simply tossed in the driveway and also not lugged to the door (distance of around 40 feet).

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! because that the 2nd time in a row, my package has actually been just sitting in the HUB. The last one satellite there for 4 work! This one has actually been sitting there because that 2 already. Ns AM SO happy I spent THE EXTRA MONEY for EXPEDITED SHIPPING! WHAT A joke THIS place IS!

Beyond dreadful customer service. Dubbed to ask where my package was and also the woman claimed "it"s probably roughly here somewhere" and that was all the info she could give me. I checked out pick it up and was told it was left on the truck. Driver would not provide the parcel either. I will certainly not usage UPS ever before again because of this location

UPS makes it very daunting to contact the circulation Centers. There must be a neighborhood telephone number published. Ns received an e-mail saying an effort had to be made by UPS to deliver a package to mine PO Box. The Postal business could no accept it. The email claimed it would certainly be returned to the nearest UPS distribution Center and also I would have to go there to choose it up, bringing through me a copy the the brand attached come the email. However, once I do the efforts to open the attachment, Norton said me it had actually a virus and also would not open up it. I responded to the email to call them and my answer did no go through. WHY CAN"T i JUST speak to THE circulation CENTER?

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