Can’t discover leeks? This distinctive ingredient is difficult to replace, but there are a couple of options. Here’s the ideal leek instead of to use in recipes.


Making a recipe the calls because that leeks and also can’t find them? A leek is a vegetable that is component of the onion or Allium family, much like onion, garlic, shallot, scallion, and also chives. Leeks space long and cylindrical: you eat only the tender irradiate green and also white bottom portion of the vegetable. It’s similar to a very huge green onion (or scallion). Leeks have actually a mild, onion-y garlic odor that’s much much more nuanced and also sophisticate 보다 an onion.

Can’t find leeks? This ingredient is very unique, so us recommend finding the if at all possible. It’s especially important for recipes with the word leek in the title, like Potato Leek Soup. But if you’re using it as a back-up ingredient and also your store is every out…here’s the best leek substitute!

How plenty of cups is 1 leek chopped?

Before us start: you deserve to use this substitution proportion for chopped leek. This is the ratio: 1 big leek = about 1 cup chopped

Best leek substitute

1. Shallot

The finest leek substitute? Thinly sliced shallots! Shallots room a tiny onion v a delicate, mild flavor. The smell is closer come a leek 보다 a yellow or white onion, so it works an especially well together a substitute. It’s an excellent for soups, sautés, or risottos.

Use the following substitution ratio: 1 huge leek (1 cup chopped) = 2 huge shallots or 4 tool shallots

2. Sweet onion or white onion

Another great leek substitute? Sweet onion or white onion. Store in mind, though: onions are lot stronger than leeks and also they have less nuance and also subtly in flavor. Sweet onion is specifically suited since it’s a milder option, however white onion also works. Yellow onion have the right to stand in if certain necessary, but it’s the the strongest of the three.

Use the following substitution ratio: 1 large leek (1 cup chopped) = 1 tool onion

3. Environment-friendly onion / scallions (in a pinch)

A last leek substitute? environment-friendly onions, likewise known together scallions! eco-friendly onions look like a smaller version the a leek. The only problem is, since they’re so much smaller that takes more green onions to same a leek.

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Therefore we choose using shallot or onion! yet if you have a bunch, the flavor will be closer than that of one onion.

Use the following substitution ratio: 1 huge leek (1 cup chopped) = 6 to 8 medium green onions