Louis C. Powledge Unit

Powledge Unit is a minimum security prison located in Palestine Texas, component of Anderson County. The facility has actually the capability to house 1,137 masculine offenders, and also typically homes close to this limit. Built in 1982, Powledge Unit to be originally called Beto II Unit, and later in 1995 to be renamed after ~ the assistant manager of Contract construction Louis C. Powledge. The facility is comprised of a main unit which dwellings offenders in 14 dormitories, every with about 53 inmates. In enhancement to general population dormitories, Powledge Unit has two dorms dedicated to assisting inmates with medical needs, and a 30 solitary cell administrative Segregation Unit. The Trusty Camp is situated just exterior of the key Unit"s perimeter fence and also houses 321 inmates.

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Offenders incarcerated in Powledge Unit are noted work methods that provide internal support to the facility. These project assignments incorporate food services, chaplaincy, maintenance, laundry, and working because that the Texas Corrections markets in a steel fabrication operation. The steel fabrication plant is situated on the grounds that Powledge Unit. Extr work details encompass working in a poultry egg laying operation, raising and finishing swine, farming edible crops, and raising/caring for cattle. Offenders are listed vocational courses that teach useful an abilities such as welding, painting, and also automotive collision repair. Education courses carry out inmates with literacy classes, adult an easy education classes, and the ability to earn a GED throughout their incarceration.

Powledge Unit is secured through a perimeter fence and also four equipped guard towers that are operational about the clock every day of the year.

Visiting hrs for Powledge Unit:

Powledge Unit gives visiting hours for every inmates during the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) native 7am to 5pm. Criminal who are housed in the expansion Cellblocks are allowed visits by appointment only on Mondays and also Fridays, call the basic for an ext information.

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Physical Address:

Powledge Unit1400 FM 3452Palestine, TX 75803


(903)-723-5074 (**028)

Inmate mail Address:

Inmate Name, TDCJ ID Number​Powledge Unit1400 FM 3452Palestine, TX 75803

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