One of 4 known 1861 Confederate claims of America half dollars offered for $960,000 at Heritage’s Nov. 1 auction the the Eric P. Newman Collection.

Original images courtesy of heritage Auctions.

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The Confederate fifty percent dollar to be struck at the brand-new Orleans Mint in 1861 when the facility was under the control of the Confederate claims of America.

Images courtesy of legacy Auctions.


Newman’s initial envelope through his $4,000 purchase price was contained in the lot through the currently certified coin.

Images courtesy of heritage Auctions.


Heritage’s giving of Newman’s 1861 Confederate fifty percent dollar — graded evidence 40 through Numismatic Guaranty Corp. V a environment-friendly Certified accept Sticker noting high quality within the grade — to be its first public appearance in ~ auction. It is among only four struck in April 1861 at the new Orleans Mint under Confederate control.

Image courtesy of legacy Auctions.


An original 1861 Confederate says of America cent graded proof 63+ by NGC through a environment-friendly CAC sticker, one of the ideal of just 16 known, brought $186,000.

Images courtesy of heritage

An 1861 Confederate half dollar topped bidding in ~ Heritage’s Nov. 1 auction featuring part IX that the legend Eric P. Newman Collection, offering for $960,000 and setup a record for a Confederate half dollar at auction.

At the completion of the second session of the Newman IX auction top top Nov. 3, total sales because that the St. Luigi numismatist’s arsenal are pull close $60 million. The repertoire is being marketed to support the Eric P. Newman Numismatic education and learning Society’s museum work to money scholarly numismatic research study efforts.

Brockage or contact mark? Mike Diamond explains. also in ours Nov. 20 issue, a reader uncovered a fascinating Barber dime that’s over a century old; john Wexler profiled what makes it different.

The sale catalog’s advent cites a 1959 article by Newman wherein he disputed the methods inherent in numismatics, writing, “Needles in a haystack can be found, specifically with the magnetism that numismatics.” The more than 400 lots offered in Newman IX to be a solid representative of the depth and diversity the Newman’s collecting interests.

Heritage’s providing of Newman’s 1861 Confederate fifty percent dollar — graded evidence 40 by Numismatic Guaranty Corp. With a eco-friendly Certified accept Sticker noting high quality within the class — was its an initial public appearance at auction, as it had been off the market since Newman purchase it because that $4,000 from the estate of Col. E.H.R. Green practically 80 year ago.

It is among just four fifty percent dollars struck in April 1861 at the new Orleans Mint while the Branch Mint was under the physical regulate of the Confederacy. Legacy writes, “The 1861 initial Confederate half dollar is just one of the rarest and also most enigmatic problems in the background of American coinage.”

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These four fifty percent dollars space the only coins especially designed and produced through the Confederate states of America, leading Heritage to recognize, “As such, your appeal expand far past conventional numismatics, and the individual coins have actually been own at miscellaneous times by government officials, soldiers, and millionaire businessmen, and some the the best coin collectors of every time.”

Of the four, Newman’s was the second example to concerned market, through its first verifiable private sale acquisition place much more than a century ago. Another example resides in the arsenal of the American Numismatic Society, and two additional examples offered in 2015: one graded NGC evidence 40 brought $646,250 in in march 2015 as component of Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ sale of the Kendall structure Collection, and another, graded proof 30, lugged $881,250 at Heritage’s giving of the Donald Groves Partrick arsenal at the 2015 January Florida unified Numismatists convention auction.

1861 Confederate cent

Another significant Confederate offering was one 1861 Confederate says of America cent graded proof 63+ through NGC, additionally with a environment-friendly CAC sticker, that realized $186,000.

The circumstances of the 16 Confederate cents created remain a bit murky in that there is no main documentation on the highlight of these cents. They to be obviously struck with special care — professional Coin Grading organization calls examples Specimen while NGC identify them as Proofs. Philadelphia die sinker Robert Lovett win the coins, most likely for show purposes, in the early component of 1861.

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Heritage writes, “The bust is native the very same punch provided on a store card Lovett authorize the year before, make it simple for contemporary numismatists to determine the architecture as Lovett’s work.” Lovett’s cent never got in widespread production. Heritage defines one theory around the coins, “As hostilities deepened, Lovett grew increasingly anxious around the propriety of developing coins for the Confederacy. Chairman Abraham Lincoln signed law making it illegal for northern businessmen to communicate in business with the Confederacy top top July 13, 1861, do his fear of imprisonment even more concrete.”

The first Confederate cent emerged an ext than a te after they to be struck, i m sorry tradition suggests was likely spent by Lovett accidentally throughout a visit come his favourite saloon. A dealer soon approached Lovett and also purchased his remaining 15 Confederate cents. Restrikes likewise exist, distinguished from the originals in that the restrikes are struck in coin turn — with the obverse and reverse in opposite direction — while originals space struck in medallic alignment. Newman’s Confederate cent was additionally purchased by Newman from the eco-friendly estate, costing Newman simply $100.