The silver peace Dollar coin is one the most highly coveted coins ever produced by the U.S. Mint. Since Peace Dollars were only produced in restricted quantities and also for just a handful of years, severe coin collectors might desire coins from yearly minted.

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Peace Dollars are nearly 100 years old, and because of their age, many of the peace Dollars available for revenue today may display far-ranging signs that wear and tear. This is not unusual, given the reality that these coins were produced for circulation. Although numerous of this coins do show their age, over there are tranquility Dollars accessible in brilliant, uncirculated condition as well.

Grading the 1925 tranquility Dollar

The coin grading procedure is very thorough and rigorous. Return coins go with a subjective grading process, the final grade is determined by an skilled coin grader. These experienced coin graders carefully examine every coin come determine how well the coin has stood the check of time and also to assess the coin’s overall condition. Prefer other types of coins, the much better the in its entirety condition, the more valuable the coin might be. Girlfriend can gain a great idea of a coin’s grade by carefully assessing both political parties of the coin and looking for any imperfections in the coin’s imagery, texture, wording, shade or finish.

Use the specifications listed below to determine how your tranquility Dollar coin might be graded.

Uncirculated: An uncirculated 1925 peace Dollar coin shows no indicators of undertake or any imperfections. Although this coins are virtually 100 years old, a coin in uncirculated condition will look as if it simply came the end of the mint’s presses. Uncirculated coins will have no visible wear and tear on the imagery or wording, back they might take on a contempt different shade or tone because of their age. Girlfriend can an extremely simply usage a magnifying glass to research your coins. The magnifying glass provides it basic to scrutinize the coin’s images and details, and you deserve to determine if several of the details have actually been worn away end time.

Extremely Fine: Just one step below uncirculated condition, very fine tranquility Dollar will present minor wear and also tear on the coin’s pictures or wording. Some of the finer details of the coin may be worn because of age and also exchanging hands end time. In addition, the coin’s texture may feel worn and also smoother overall. Regardless of this, coins in very fine condition are considered to be in near-pristine condition and also are still very beautiful.

Fine: A coin in fine condition has kept every one of its details intact, and they are conveniently recognized. There are, however, visible signs of wear and also tear on the coin’s obverse and also reverse. Coin details such as message or photos may be worn down and smooth and the coin’s end up may show up duller.

Good: A coin in good condition has actually very far-ranging signs that wear and also tear, and you might need a magnifying glass in order to recognize the coin type, mint year and also other information. While coins in good condition are nowhere close to mint grade, lock are regularly times still very popular among collectors and also investors as result of potential scarcity and challenge in obtaining.

1925 peace Dollar Pricing

As stated previously, peace dollars were only produced for a minimal time and also in minimal quantities. The 1925 execution is sought after ~ by coin collectors as result of its historic significance, silver- content and also design. Since of these factors, the price for this coin routinely exceeds $30. If a coin goes on the auction block, the price can conveniently exceed $45. Recent sales prices because that this coin have ranged native $35 to end $40.

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1925 peace Dollar

1925 peace DollarN/AN/A$32$37
1925 tranquility Dollar (S)N/AN/A$35$45
Source: Red Book

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