The minimum 1942 half dollar value is $8.11 and it rises and falls with the price of silver. Note: This price is for a silver half dollar showing wear from circulation.


Your coin is part of the Walking Liberty series and it does have potential for much higher value. It depends largely on the condition. Millions of halves were minted in the 1940"s and many of those dated 1942 have survived and are available today. Worn examples are considered common and are worth a small preminum to their silver value.

The high end value of a 1942 half dollar is separated from the common by the condition of the coin. Collectors usually add an "uncirculated" example of a 1942 half to their collections. These rare quality coins are still in the condition as they left the mint, lustrous, and no wear to the surfaces. It is among these top condition coins that larger demand and premium values are found.

The coin pictured is one any collector or dealer is in the market for. This 1942 half dollar is worth $30 or higher. Judge your half dollars comparing them to the images below. Knowing the condition gives an accurate value from the chart.

1942 half dollars were produced in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

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The different mints are identified by mintmarks, "D" for the Denver mint and "S" used by the San Francisco mint. Those without a mintmark where struck at Philadelphia. Examine the reverse along the rim at the eight o"clock position, if the mark is present it"s small and occupying the space just under the branch.

Standout 1942 Half Dollar Value

Let"s focus on the condition of the 1942 half dollar pictured. It sold at a David Lawrence rare coin auction for $805. A value far above the usual price of a coin in "Uncirculated" condition. What sets this coin apart and causes such a high bid?

Standout features present with this coin are:

1) Booming luster, bright white silver in color and fully brilliant.

2) Highly detailed strike, Walking Liberty halves are routinely softly struck, here is a bold exception.

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3) Blemish free surfaces, no nagging marks or distracting nicks. What few contact marks found are minor and shallow in severity.

Seldom is found an old silver half dollar with so much eye appeal. Easily a candidate to those collectors selecting only the finest coins to add to their collection.


1942 Half Dollar Value is Conditional

Collectors assembling a set of Walking Liberty halves strive to add high quality examples to their collection. Generally fewer of these old silver half dollars survive in better condition, as a result these nicer coins are worth more. To accurately place a value on yours, each is judged and a "grade" is resolved. Dealers and collectors both use the terms found below. Compare your coin to the images and descriptions, finding the grade and 1942 half dollar value.