At $8.73 each her 1944 half dollar value is the minimum a coin reflecting wear indigenous circulation is worth. The is tied to today"s silver coin value.

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Small quantities of wear identify if her coin is worth more as a collectible or is valued only by the silver- it contains.

Collectors and also dealers ar separate values on coins based on date, the mint that developed the coin and with 1944 fifty percent dollars - condition has the greatest affect on price.

Your coin is component of the famous Walking Liberty half dollar series and avidly collected. Popularity is a real plus, yet many of this old silver half dollars are easily accessible in worn problem creating a large supply.

A real separation in values occurs if friend coin is in "uncirculated" condition. A coin through no wear and also still in the same problem as as soon as leaving the mint is very valued. In addition if your old fifty percent dollar has exceptional eye very nice one its worth is even higher.

Pictured is a an extremely nice uncirculated 1944 fifty percent dollar worth $50 come $60. Struck in ~ the san Francisco mint and very pleasing in condition its value has actually risen above most uncirculated examples.

Below space sections extending both mintmarks and also their locations, additionally details affiliated in judging the every important problem of her coin.

All 1944 fifty percent dollars are more separated in value depending upon mintmarks, a tiny initial indicating the mint that produced the coin.

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Highest in value is the mountain Francisco piece noted by one "S" the Denver mint used a "D" and the Philadelphia mint walk not usage a mintmark. The "S" or "D" is found on the reverse.

The Details that 1944 fifty percent Dollar Value

As part of a coin collection, most 1944 fifty percent dollars contained are persons in uncirculated condition. Values within this problem have a large range. The top quality of a coin"s luster is noticed very first and judged. How bold and detailed is the design? In the go Liberty collection a bold strike is not the norm, for a well detailed coin values space higher. Blemishes come the surfaces room also component of value, your location and severity play a crucial role.

Pictured is a rare 1944 half dollar displaying the ideal of qualities, stunning luster, bold to win and few blemishes. Readily available at a David Lawrence rarely coin auction it establish $488 the result of many bids. Big quantities the circulated 1944 halves are accessible today, additionally, many uncirculated instances exist. The rarest and highest valued room the couple of gem top quality silver halves surviving.

Examine your coin v a critical eye, does the have any nagging problem, large bumps, bruises or pickled in salt nicks? tiny details that wear readjust the worth of these old half dollars.


Grading 1944 fifty percent Dollar Value

Once you recognize date and also mintmark, the condition of her old silver half dollar cd driver the price. Collectors and also dealers pay high premiums for coins in much better than typical condition. Judging the state of preservation - recognized as "grading" - allows you to find specific value of your 1944 half dollar from the graph above.