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We room pleased to sell for revenue this 5 Dollar bill Red Seal STAR NOTE series 1963 us Currency. These Red Seal 5 Dollar receipt areoff-quality notes the may have actually some stains, tears, heavy folds or writing. TheseRed Seal 5 Dollar Bills room US Legal soft Notes that circulated at the very same time together Silver Certificates. These room STAR note from collection 1963. Each invoice comes in a money sleeve for protection. This STAR note Red Seal 5 Dollar Bills will make a nice addition to any kind of currency collection!

Information on this Red Seal series 1963 5 Dollar Bills:

In 1929 all US currency was adjusted to its current contemporary size. The $5 invoice was kept as a United claims Legal tender Note as well as a federal Reserve Note and also a silver- Certificate. The obverse features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The reverse of the bill depicts the Lincoln Memorial. For these us Legal soft Notes, the seal and also serial number are printed in red. The series 1963 bill can be differentiated from past collection by the addition of the motto "IN GOD we TRUST" over the Lincoln Memorial ~ above the reverse. Also, on the obverse the the note "WILL pay TO THE BEARER ~ above DEMAND" which had actually been had on previous series is now removed.

What is a Star Note?

A Star keep in mind is a bank note produced to change a defective note that was not fit because that circulation. The bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) offers these Star notes to ensure the the exactly amount of money is created. The BEP does not replicate the precise serial numbers of the defective bills, rather a separate run of note (with their very own sequential serial numbers) is produced to mint the exact number of discarded notes. These Replacement Star notes are marked with a distinctive symbol, a "star" that is placed nearby to the serial number. On Legal soft Notes and Silver certificates the star is whereby the prefix(first letter) of come the serial number would certainly be. On federal Reserve notes the star is where the block letter (thelast letter) that the serial number would certainly be.

Historically,Star notes were also used because that the 100,000,000th note in a series,the last keep in mind in the block the serial numbers (the number is numbered machines might not print over 8 digits). Star Notes are no much longer used because that this. Star Notes sometimes replaced note from a various series, together well.

The number of Star Notes produced for a collection depends top top the variety of printed bills found to it is in defective. The BEP at this time prints Star note in maximum operation of 3.2 million (100,000sheets that 32 notes each). The runs room often considerably smaller relying on how plenty of Star Notes room needed. Therefore what is the value of a Star Note? The smallestrun sizes produce therarest, and also potentially many valuable, Star Notes!

What is a Red Seal Note?

Red Seal Notes room United States currency known as either United says Notes or Legal soft Notes. Legal soft Notes space the longest live of every U.S. Currency, an initial authorized in the action of congress of may 3, 1878 and also issued through 1971. Large-size Legal soft Notes were issued only through 1929, after ~ whichthe currency adjusted to the smaller "modern size" note still provided today. All Small-size Legal tender Notes have red seals, and therefore lock are referred to as Red Seal note or Red Seal Bills. Red Seal Notes have been authorize in $1, $2, $5, and also $100 denominations. The Mint likewise printed yet did not concern $10 and $20 denominations.

Only one worry of the $1 Red Seal keep in mind was printed, the collection 1928. The $2 Red Seal notes were published in many series: 1928, 1928 A through G, 1953, 1953 A with C, 1963, and 1963 A. $5 Red Seal notes were additionally printed in multiple series: 1928, 1928 A v F, 1953, 1953 A v C, and also 1963.

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The $100 Red Seal note were published in series 1966 and 1966 A.