Toyota Maintenance: replacing the 3.0L V6 Fuel Filter

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Author: Joe Micciche - July, 2000

Just aft of the transfer case crossmember, on the inner framework rail at the rear passenger torsion bar mount, is the Toyota 3.0L V6 fuel filter.
Looking forward from simply under the passenger side torsion bar mount. This is another time ns love having actually a body lift.

An infrequent maintain item on the Toyota van 3.0L V6 entails replacing the fuel filter, just as one would perform on any type of engine together the usage starts come increase. However, the Toyota technician who located the fuel filter ~ above the truck/4Runner certainly had a robust sense of humor: the filter is situated on the passenger next inner frame rail ideal at the rear torsion bar mount. Never mind that there"s 18" of open structure rail just behind this location..... Well, ns guess the is well-protected as soon as wheeling.

Nevertheless, the filter is not terribly challenging to accessibility and replace. To replace it, all the is necessary is a 14mm box wrench because that the fuel lines, a 12mm socket because that the filter mounts, part rags, and also a drainpipe pan.

IMPORTANT!This EFI engine retains fuel press at all times. Therefore, gas will certainly be in the fuel lines into and also out of the filter, and also in the filter itself. To relax the pressure, the car can be started and the fuse because that the fuel pump pulled, letting the engine run dry. Electing no to run my EFI mechanism dry, I chose to job-related cautiously, and allowed the lines come bleed top top removal. It is in extremely cautious when law this: I had actually just under a complete gallon of gas drainpipe into the pan. I likewise had a fire extinguisher at my side for an emergency, and I removed the confident battery cable prior to doing any kind of work.

I allowed the lines and also filter to bleed; recorded the gas in a drain pan and used it in my lawn mower!

Using the 14mm wrench, ease the input heat from the gas tank in ~ the ago end the the filter. This line is obtainable from underneath, although v the human body lift ~ above my truck I discovered it simply as simple to gain at it from the top. Be prepared to catch and recover any type of gasoline! Then remove the fuel line from the forward finish of the filter: this one could be tricky due to the fact that you must gain to it from above the filter, and an are is in ~ a premium.

Here, the filter and also its bracket space removed. The new Toyota filter consists of the mounting bracket.

Once the lines space removed, usage the 12mm socket to eliminate the two bolts that locate the filter assembly ~ above the framework rail.

The old filter assembly deserve to be removed, and the new one placed in place. Since you may have to "persuade" the lines into the brand-new filter simply a bit, carry out not fully tighten under the assembly yet: leave part slack to manipulate the filter for this reason the lines can be started into the filter.

The new filter assembly native Toyota is situated, then easy torqued down until the fuel lines are started.

Begin tightening the line nuts. Because there is no means to get a torque wrench in here, I offered the point on the subject that had been discolored native the elements (and mud) as an point out of how much to tighten them. As soon as I had actually the threads around half-way done, ns tightened the filter versus the frame rail, then finished off the fuel lines.

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The brand-new filter"s in, all all set for another 60,000 or for this reason miles!

When complete, effort to begin the engine. Ns cranked it briefly to enable pressure to rebuild in the lines and filter, turned the off, climate it turned ideal over.