Where is crank sensor situated on the truck detailed above? The truck is a 1500 version with a 360 engine 4 wheel drive 5.9L. Deserve to you show me a picture?

Hello, The sensor is bolted to the top of the cylinder block near the behind of ideal cylinder head.Here is a guide and diagrams below to display you how to change the sensor out:https://www.yellowcomic.com/articles/crankshaft-angle-sensor-replacementCheck out the diagrams (below). Please let us recognize if you need anything rather to acquire the problem fixed.Cheers


ns ran my codes my crankshaft sensor is messing my motor up. Ns bought the sensor and cannot uncover the sensor on my truck. Where is it?
relies on engine size, yet for the 5.2L and also 5.9L engines the crankshaft place sensor is located at the rear of the engine block.
im trying to find the sensor to replace but cant find it. I know its ~ above the belt housing but I quiet cant situate it. Okay appreciate any kind of help. Many thanks steve
Fig. 25 Crankshaft position Sensor - Typical


The sensor is located on the peak of cylinder block near the behind of right cylinder head.
Hello,The crankshaft place sensor is located in the next of the block below isa overview to aid walk you through the steps and diagrams and also instructions to aid you do the task on your car.https://www.yellowcomic.com/articles/crankshaft-angle-sensor-replacementCheck out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you require anything else to acquire the problem fixed.
We need to replace the CPS on ours truck and also we cannot get the sensor out. The bolt is out but no matter just how much we wiggle and tug the sensor will not come out. Is there something we are missing? i cannot uncover information almost everywhere on what the secret is top top this engine. Help please!
I have actually only replaced a couple crank sensors on this engine, however they all had two bolts.This photograph is because that the sensor because that a 1993 model, however it look at the same for both years. The photograph for the sensor shown for her year is too small and the does not show the form of the plug. I simply used this photo since it is less complicated to see.
over there is just one bolt because that the V10. The attached photograph shows the only location for the bolt that goes right into the block. The problem is this is a pair of inches long and there is around one inch of room in between the CPS and also the engine mount the is not enabling it to be removed carry out to space limitation. Unless someone to know a trick, the only thing us can number is you need to take the end the engine mount.
that looks more like a camshaft place sensor yet the mounting ear is different. Ns looked at a variety of different years for cam and crank sensors and did not see anything prefer what you have. Ns assume you cannot just rotate the ear far from the obstruction?Now that you mention engine mounts, the crank sensors I have replaced have always been in the transmission's bell housing, appropriate behind the appropriate cylinder head.
i will shot to acquire a photo but whereby it is, is such an awkward chop spot I don t know that i can acquire a phone even in there to take it a picture.
The Camshaft place sensor is situated on left side of timing chain cover. The Crankshaft position sensor is located lower best side the cylinder block.
many thanks for stating I called it the dorn thing. My bad. I understand where the part goes. Ns even included a picture to present I knew what part it was. Now earlier to mine question. How to obtain a two inch part out v one customs of an are without acquisition the motor the end of the truck. I called it the not correct part. My inquiry was not around what the component was called. That was just how to replace the part. I included a photo so ns obviously know what the part is and where the goes.
Yea Im just wondering wherein the crankshaft sensor is situated in mine truckthis website is great and thanks.
Hello, here is a overview to aid you watch what you are in for when doing the job.https://www.yellowcomic.com/articles/crankshaft-angle-sensor-replacementHere is the place for your carCheck out the diagrams (Below)Please allow us understand if you need anything else to get the problem fixed.Cheers
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