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Well I have actually a 2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L v 153,000km. I think the valve is getting bad gas mileage indigenous what I have actually read ~ above the forums, 500km on full tank points that have actually been done so far-6 new motorcraft plugs-Air filter-Oil change-PCV-Checked brakes, no dragging-Tire press 35psi-Steers straight and stops straight-No lacking at idle or driving-No inspect engine irradiate -Engine temp just fine -No coolent lossThings I have noticed or might be start of problems-Engine starts great but appears to enter high idle about 1500rpm"s Is this normal?-Oil residue coming out by the pipeline the goes indigenous the PCV to where it connects to throttle body must that pipeline be replaced or is this usual or does this show something else going bad> This can be related to bad fuel mileage ns don"t know however if you turn the steering wheel as soon as parked and motor on, there is a swooshing noise native the wait filter area< leak in rack or other else>Where to start, any assist would be good as I need to be getting better fuel mileage?1 quick note I have actually read the leckemby site around the Isolator bolts Thanks
I have a 2000 3.8L and it runs choose a champ. The gets around the very same mpg. That really drinks up the gas in the city. I changed the isolator bolts and also didn"t see any difference in mph. The only distinction for me to be the engine light went off. Ns get in between 19 and also 23mpg ~ above the highway and also around 300-350 mile a tank in the city. Girlfriend can convert to km if you like.I indicate replacing the coil pack and also ingition wires and also have an assistant revolve the steering wheel so you have the right to pin allude the swooshing noise you are hearing. Mine engine likewise has a most oil in the waiting intake tube yet I have 240000 miles on it. Ford likewise claims the oil in her intake is what causes the isolator bolts to come loose but if friend engine light is not on i wouldn"t bother through them yet.
Also, verify that the IMRC shafts that get in the reduced intake manifold, top top the passenger side, are connected to the actuator.There room nylon clips, the on 1999 and newer years, have the right to break, autumn off, etc.This can reason pinging, and the motor to not run in ~ its best, as you have an ext air entering at low RPM than is called for, or 1 side having more air than the other.When the A/C is on, (any setup that has it on), it is regular for the RPMs to bang up whenever the compressor kicks in.

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Well the PCV new line helped however now I need to uncover out where the swoosh noise of waiting is coming from, when transforming the wheels next to side when parked. I have narrowed it under to around or the top back of the motor area. Has any kind of one had this swoosh noise Don"t know where the swoosh noise is precisely yet but any type of idea"s for different parts to check for or vac present Picture"s would be great. Thanks
The sounds may be various on your more recent windstar.It is common for the strength steering come make some "whoosh" sounds once working.I would flush the strength steering system, using Mercon V ATF, together the strength steering is listed for acquiring noisy as soon as the fluid gets old.....and 9 years (if original) is old......every couple of years is great timing for liquid exchanges every around.Other than that.....make certain that you are up on all the typical "tune-up" items before sending money right into other ideas.