Emissions room regulated by the EVAP emission control canister which stops working when the fuel tank gauge does not work or you fail one emissions test.

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Warning: instead of the EVAP emissions regulate canister will require you come raise your car on a hydraulic background or through jacks and also jack stands. That will likewise require girlfriend to eliminate power indigenous the battery. Make certain to eliminate the positive and an unfavorable terminals from the battery prior to touching any kind of components or removing any kind of parts.

Part 1 the 3: identify the symptoms of a poor EVAP emissions manage canister

Quite often, a problem with the EVAP system or emissions regulate system is electrical in nature or through sensors the monitor this system. In some cases, a difficulty with the EVAP canister will cause an OBD-II error code (P-0499) that shows a pressure difficulty with the EVAP system. There are a few warning indications that might additionally indicate the a difficulty with the EVAP emissions manage canister exists including the following:

Check Engine Light displays on dash: once there is a difficulty with the EVAP emissions manage canister, the check Engine light will screen on the dash. When a pressure worry is recognize or overfill vacuum is found in the fuel cell, the ECM detects the issue and also triggers the check Engine light to come on. This light demands to be reset after instead of the EVAP emissions manage canister if the is the source of the error code.

Excess press inside the fuel cell: when the EVAP canister becomes clogged or the charcoal inside the filter it s okay saturated v too lot moisture (which is brought about by overabundance water in the gasoline), the filter stops collecting vapor from within the fuel cell. This reasons excess push to develop in the fuel tank leading to diminished fuel pressure, too much fuel push and, in some cases, broken fuel lines or seals ~ above the fuel cell. This activity triggers the inspect Engine Light and other fuel device warning indicators.

Fuel tank gauge doesn"t work: periodically when there is excess press inside the fuel cell, the fuel tank gauge screens inaccurate information. This may suggest that there is a trouble with the EVAP canister, which should be inspected by an ASE certified mechanic.

A fail emissions test: The EVAP canister is a critical component that emissions testing. If the canister is not working efficiently, that can cause a automobile to fail one emissions test.

Part 2 of 3: replacing the EVAP emissions manage canister


As we shown above, there are frequently two various locations for the EVAP emissions control canister, close to the fuel cell and also inside the engine compartment. Due to the fact that the specific location that this component is distinctive to the vehicle you"re functioning on, that is very recommended to purchase a organization manual for the details make, model and year of car you"re servicing. The service manual frequently gives friend the specific location that the EVAP canister along with certain replacement steps as recommended by the designers that produced these vehicles.

Materials Needed

Boxed finish wrench or ratchet wrenchFlashlightFlathead driver Jack Jack stand or hydraulic liftReplacement EVAP emissions regulate canisterReplacement vent hoses

Tip: Make sure to wear safety and security glasses during all phases of this task as the potential because that debris falling right into your eyes is high as soon as working under a vehicle.

Warning: If you testimonial the information above or the steps below and also have established that this project is too complicated or past your lull level, please perform not effort to change the EVAP vent solenoid. Among our neighborhood ASE certified mechanics will be happy to assist you.

Step 1: Disconnect the vehicle"s battery. Situate the vehicle"s battery and also disconnect the optimistic and negative battery cables before proceeding.

The EVAP canister is attached come an electric harness.

Step 2: raise the rear of the vehicle. The EVAP emissions control canister is situated on the driver side, close to the behind tires.

Jack up the auto from the recommended jack placement and place the behind of the auto on jack stands for support. Make certain to keep press on the jack after ~ lowering the car onto the jack stands for extra safety.


Step 3: locate the EVAP canister. On many domestic and also foreign vehicles offered in the US, the EVAP emissions canister is situated next to the fuel cell.

It is shaped in a rectangular or spherical design and has 3 vapor lines attached to it. One heat attaches to the fuel cell, one come the EVAP purge solenoid and one come the EVAP vent solenoid. Over there is additionally an electrical harness attached come this canister.

Step 4: Lubricate the bolts and slots with penetrating fluid. To avoid stripping bolts, spray penetrating liquid onto the bolts and also the clips that organize the EVAP canister top top the vehicle.

Since this part has been exposed to roadway grime, water and, in part cases, salt; it"s probable that the bolts have rusted. Spraying them through penetrating oil will alleviate the potential that stripping these bolts and save friend a the majority of time and frustration.


Step 5: eliminate the electric harness. As soon as you"ve pce the bolts with penetrating oil, let the soak in for a while.

In the meantime, you"ll notification that the EVAP canister has an electrical harness attached to the unit. Remove this exploit by inserting a small, flat blade screwdriver into a slot that contains a tiny plastic clip. Lower the clip with the screwdriver and carefully remove the electrical harness indigenous the EVAP canister.

Tip: On some canisters there will certainly not it is in an electrical harness. However, there have to be a sensor or other electric wire attached for monitoring the unit. Eliminate as instructed in your car service manual.

Step 6: eliminate vent hoses from the EVAP canister. As explained above, there are frequently three hoses attached to the canister: the EVAP vent solenoid, the fuel cell, and also the EVAP purge solenoid.

Remove all three of these hoses and plainly mark which hose attaches to the particular male installation on the EVAP emissions manage canister. Execute this by using masking tape and marking descriptions on the tape, climate wrapping tape on every hose.


Step 7: eliminate the bolt(s) stop the EVAP emissions control canister. The EVAP emissions manage canister is attached to a bracket in 2 ways.

First, there space two bolts the secure the canister come a bracket. On some vehicles, a an additional set that clips secures the canister to the vehicle"s undercarriage. Over there are typically one or 2 bolts. Eliminate these bolts using a ratchet, extension and also a 10mm socket (in most cases it will be a 10mm).

Step 8: eliminate EVAP canister indigenous the clips (if applicable). In many cases this component is attached to a series of clips on the backside.

You can gain accessibility to this clips ~ you remove the bolts. Making use of a flat blade screwdriver, closely depress top top the clip and also slide the EVAP emissions canister off the bracket.

Step 9: remove the old EVAP emissions control canister. As soon as all wires, hoses, and also clips have actually been removed, the canister should conveniently come off.

Remove the old canister and also inspect the for any corrosion, holes or burn clues that may have contributed to failure.

Step 10: install the new EVAP emissions regulate canister. The surroundings of this component is an exact reversal to the removal.

Prior to installing the brand-new canister, inspect the problem of the vent hoses. If they room worn, cracked or are showing indications of age, change them.

Step 11: connect bolts and clips. On slide the EVAP canister onto support clips (if applicable) and also attach the EVAP canister come the bracket through the bolts.

Step 12: Reattach vent hose and also electrical harness. Anything the was removed have to be reinstalled as before.

Step 13: Clean up under vehicle. Prior to you end up the job, make certain to remove all tools, debris, and hardware from under the car to prevent running over them with your vehicle.

Step 14: Lower automobile from jack stands.


Step 15: Reconnect battery cables. Tighten the cable v a wrench.

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Part 3 of 3: test driving the vehicle

A test drive for this repair is actually really short, due to the fact that in many cases, the fail of this part will present up in ~ idle or start up. However, prior to you finish the test drive, it"s essential to begin the vehicle and also clear any type of error password that previously were downloaded. This will give you a "clean slate" in which to check the brand-new EVAP emissions regulate canister.

Step 1: begin the vehicle. Let it warmth up to operation temperature.

Step 2: examine the dashboard to verify the the inspect Engine light does not come on. If it does, you have to shut the vehicle off and also complete a diagnostic scan.

The error codes need to be cleared on most vehicles after completing this service.

Step 3: Shut turn off the vehicle. After ~ verifying the the check engine or various other lights space gone, close up door the auto off.

If error codes proceed to display, recheck your relationships to the canister together it"s feasible that the vent currently are mounted incorrectly.

Step 4: take the car on a 10 mile road test. Return home and also verify the the check Engine irradiate does not illuminate.

This project is fairly simple come complete; however, since you"re working through the EVAP system and also fuel system, there might be a few facility steps. If you"ve check out these instructions and also still don"t feeling 100% confident in perfect this repair, please call one of yellowcomic.com’s regional ASE certified mechanics to finish the evaporative emissions manage canister replacement because that you.