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The solenoid by your coil load is the EGR solenoid. One line have to be going come the EGR and also the various other to the vacuum from intake manifold. The large black round is vacuum storage because that the vent system. You need to trace ago the lines come verify whereby they lead to. The looks prefer someone walk a hatchet job. Do you know what her trouble code is? The diagram might not it is in exact however it will provide you a good idea. It is supposedly for a 2000 3.0L.

Thanks for your help. The trouble codes room P0174,P0306,P1506. I cleaned the IAC because that the P1506 code and cleared the code so I have actually yet to find out if that code is resolved.
Depending on your mileage, friend may have actually to gain a new IAC if cleaning doesn"t deal with that problem but, a vacuum leak, like the one friend have, can reason idle problems and also other conditions, such as a skinny condition. As soon as the engine think it"s running lean that will shot to compensate with much more fuel. Resolving the vacuum leak might resolve the various other issues, for this reason that would be the an initial thing I would do.

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THANK YOU for YOUR help GRUMPA! after looking and looking on whereby an extra vacuum hose would go, i peeked under the coil pack and found a vacuum line inlet for the water tap to go. I about sh** myself. I have to remove the tape native the real estate the hose was taped in. When removed indigenous the housing, i did a dry run to watch if it would reach. I couldnt carry out it through the coil load in place. For this reason i quickly removed the coil pack out the the way and the water tap plugged right into the fuel injector. I am therefore thankful come have uncovered it. I was praying for help. My Easter prayer was heard. Also in California lol. However, that was really really messed increase of Midas - mountain Luis Obispo to have done that to that College kid I bought this point from. The vacuum hose to be deliberately eliminated from the fuel injector and also taped into another housing as presented in the first picture of my post. Truck has actually been idling for 15 minute now and it sound waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy better. I have the right to tell there is no misfire just from the sound that the engine.