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Yesterday, the automobile would not start. The dome lights, headlights, and instrument panel lights illuminate, but there to be no sound—not even a click. A girlfriend of ours tried to offer us a run start. After ~ a minute of the cables being connected, ns turned the ignition key, and also I heard one click. After ~ 10 minutes, ns turned the ignition vital and it clicked probably 3 times, yet still the engine never obtained cranking. The battery itself mirrors no indicators of corrosion ~ above the terminals, and it is relatively new (3 month old). The battery connectors are not detectable corroded either. Us tried to usage a batter conditioner/maintainer, which charges car batteries native a wall electrical outlet. ~ 4 hours, the battery conditioner claimed the battery was totally charged. However, the car still would certainly not start—just one click, and then nothing. Some potentially beneficial information: The automobile in concern is a 2002 Ford Taurus. We live in Massachusetts, and thus far we have had actually a an extremely cold winter. Us drive our car about 5 days per week top top average.We changed our battery critical Summer. The old battery can be jumped, yet starts gained progressively harder. The didn’t just “die.” us took a road expedition two month ago. We noticed that whenever we stopped for gas and also restarted, the automobile would start normally, yet would struggle to continue to be idling as soon as the engine started. The examine engine light come on and also stayed top top for several hours. Since then, occasionally, the auto has seemed to battle at idle, although that does fine at highway speeds.Any advice anyone has actually would be significantly appreciated.
Make sure all the cable relations are clean and also tight. If ok sound like possible starter relay or starter.:
Make sure all the cable connections are clean and tight. If ok sounds like feasible starter relay or starter.:Agreed.Your battery is fine. If girlfriend jump begin the auto you don"t require a battery. Due to the fact that you can"t jump begin it, it will certainly be starter motor relations or the motor itself.As for your idling issue, i assume the related. Alternator maybe?But together was stated earlier, examine your connections and relays.
plenty that posabilities in the start sytem. Anti theft?key ignition? huge keychain?ignition relay?loose starter wire? in oreder the easiness.... Walk it have antitheft? is the anti-theft light on and also does it walk out? 2. Is there a starter relay, is over there at least one much more of the exact same raly there? swap em 3. Vital loose, go wigling the ignition cylinder adjust anything? 4. IS it IN PARK OR NEUTRAL? can be the p/n switch on the tranny. 5. Get under the car and also grab the starter wire, is it loose? is the an additional trigger wire there? is it loose? 6. Starter might be bad, if you have actually jumper cables and also a small confidence, try jumping the starter directly from the batery. Psychic you all theese space tests to check the problem, nothing has been purchase yet.
Thank you every for your replies.It was a damaged starter. After the temperature warmed up a bit, the auto started, but it go so through a an excellent deal that hesitation. That drove fine and started fine another 10 times or so. And also then, ideal in the RMV parking many (lo, the irony!), it died. We had it towed to a mechanic, and also they ascertained that the starter essential to be replaced.

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The starter must not affect idle. That is one unrelated and also possibly unresolved worry that have to be looked at. Great luck with it, watch what the mechanic says.