Asked by Bonnie might 30, 2016 at 11:01 PM around the 2000 evade Neon Highline Sedan FWD

Question type: maintain & Repair

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I have actually a 2000 neon it died suddenly and also the inspect engine light came on and now the cranks but it won"t start there is spark also

Turn the ignition to the on position then off position 3 times and if there"s a code it will certainly pop up wherein the odometer usage is located. There are 2 sensors that I had actually the same trouble with on myour 2005 neon. Crankshaft and also camshaft. I changed one and within a main or therefore the other went out. Also it might be the piggyback connection to the sensor itself. Readjusted that and also haven"t had a trouble since. Currently it"s one overheating worry I"m having to address and I"ve done whatever you have the right to possibly think of once it involves the cooling system, except checking the trani-cooler line. I"ve to be told so many different things and have tried lock all and also still overheating. I"m for this reason frustrated and can"t afford a new car. HELP!!!

What is the piggyback connection? my neon is doing the same thing. As far as the overheating i just examine the water in the reservoir every time I gain in it and also check the antifreeze mixture from the radiator every couple of days. It"s a pain however it keeps it from overheating and causing you come fail ~ above th road.

My neon overheated, changed everything except the temp sensor, so changed the temp sensor, no much more overheating. Great luck.

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Mine was camshaft sensor, then intake air temp sensor (proly her prob now), and also now wont begin with password 340 so ns guess crankshaft sensor now...

The plug seals on at an early stage to mid 00 neons are infamous for leaking oil ago into the cylinders. I bought a provided one four years ago, drove it come CO come visit family, and it wouldn"t start once it was time to go home. Luckily, a trusted neighbor came outside as us were messing v it, who had actually the problem a few years prior. 1.Remove the spark plugs totally 2. Pop the end the rubber s.p. Cylinder tubes3. Twist a solid cloth rag into a snakelike shape4. Inset and also keep doing it until you gain as lot out as possible5. Placed it ago together and...vroomAs a quick/temp fix, this go the job for a month or two. Once the engine feels prefer it is in as well high that a equipment while steering (loss of power) it is one indication that they are filling earlier up.Doesn"t take much time in ~ all, and I go this 4 or 5 times over the next 7 mos prior to I traded it ago in.Sorry if the summary isn"t an extremely technical, however it"s easy as soon as you see it.Good luck!