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Is there someplace that lists where all the ground areas are ~ above a 2001 GMC 2500 cargo van?ThanksRon


If you subscribe to ALLDATA castle show every one of the wiring diagrams etc and also a finish list of the grounds including the connecting blocks whereby grounds space bonded together. Other than the what MCR claimed or someone with the company manuls top top here might help. I have actually the areas for a 2002 pickup yet not a 2001 cargo van. They might be somewhat identical.
I have actually the 3 volume set, 5+ customs of paperwork. Bought the in 2001 as soon as I bought the car. All they have actually are wiring diagrams. If you know where in those 1800+ pages this perform is, let me know.Ron

Normally it would certainly be at the back of the electrical section. This is what I deserve to share v you.G100 Lft frt body mount, G102 Rt frt engine block in frt of starter, G103 & G104 lft rear engine block, G107 engine gnd strap, G110 lft frt human body mount, G200 ~ above rt upper I/P at the A pillar, G203 ~ above lft upper I/P in ~ the A pillar, G302 ~ above lft body mount, G304 under driver seat, G305 within passenger compartment on the left next at the B pillar, G306 within passenger compartment ~ above the rt side at the B pillar, G401 on spare tire hoist bracket, G403 ~ above lft framework body mountain bracket.Since yours is a cargo valve it may vary somewhat.

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Those look choose the factory business manuals Ron. Castle should have actually all the info you have to fix something on the truck.
It"s identify the cause of the troubles that"s the, "rub". Have a series of problem codes:P1683P0200B1000B1001B1009andU1000Upon investigation I uncovered the electronic came sensor connection, disconnected. Has actually been for 2 years. No "Service Engine light", no engine problems. Van ran fine. 2 codes show off the ECU. I"ll begin with that.Ron
Record all those codes.Clear "all" codes through the scan tool. Make sure nothing is left including code history.Run vehicle for a minimum 5 to 7 minute in park. Record very first codes that pop increase on scan tool. Report.Second stage, record codes the pop again once driving 3 come 10 mile in typical city traffic. Report the segment the codes as driving codes"B" codes space body codes. "P" codes space engine management. U codes space generic.Your codes can be the disconnecting connector(s) when the PCM to be powered up, hence the should clear all codes.
Drove the van prior to this worry just fine. "Check engine" light popped up and put the reader on it. Then every one of a sudden, van would certainly run for 2 minutes and just stop. Then it wouldn"t turn over in ~ all. Us are now in, "exploration" mode. Ns cleared every codes once it to be running. The codes detailed are the persons that come up after ~ the clearing.

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Ron, suspect you have actually a great battery and wiring to the starter and a great ground connection, then you may have actually a starter relay in the under hood fuse panel and a crank fuse in the under dash fuse panel. Might even it is in the starter solenoid top top the starter itself. There is additionally a park neutral move (auto trans) or clutch begin switch that can disable the start function. Check any of these.
The battery is 5 months old and also it cranks the engine fine.The main ground was changed last Summer. It"s clean and also tight.The engine cranks fine. It simply doesn"t catch(start) and run. If the starter or the solenoid were faulty, would certainly the engine crank?The new park neutral switch was placed in critical October(2018) as soon as the infection was replaced. That cranks in Park and Neutral. The does not crank in reverse or Drive.The van began this morning with some gas pedal goosing. That would continue to be running as lengthy as the pedal was pressed down and also the engine was revving a bit. Once you let turn off the gas pedal, the died.The spider module to be switched out in 2017 come the update unit because of a worn gasket that would enable gas come leak out into two cylinders triggering one engine code.Fuel pump was readjusted in 2016 and also current fuel pressure is 50 psi.I ordered a programmed ECU . I should obtain it this weekend. Thanks for the suggestions.Ron