2007 Ford escape 3.0L shooting Order

2007 Ford to escape 3.0L shoot Order

Facts around the 2007 Ford escape 3.0L Engine shoot Order

Dual overhead camshafts four valves every cylinder Sequential multiport fuel injection (SFI) Composite lower intake manifold and composite top intake manifold Aluminum cylinder top Two-piece design aluminum cylinder block digital ignition mechanism with 6 ignition coils

2007 Ford to escape 3.0L Spark Plug Information

Spark plug AGSF-32N Spark plug space 0.052-0.056in Spark plug talk 11 ft/lbs Ignition coil bolts 62 IN/lbs

2007 Ford to escape 3.0L Engine firing Order


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Firing bespeak 1-4-2-5-3-6

2007 Ford escape 3.0L Oil Specifications

SAE 5W-20 Premium fabricated Blend engine Oil or completely synthetic conference Ford Spec: WSS-M2C930-A Fill volume 6.0 qts through filter change

2007 Ford escape 3.0L Coolant Specifications

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