How plenty of qts of infectious diseases worldwide fluid, there is no draining the converter. Walk a 2003 ford traveler 4.0 6 cyl take?

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fluid CAPACITIESNOTE: Capacities provided are approximate. Correct liquid level need to be figured out by fluid level check procedure, rather than quantity of fluid added. As a dominion of thumb in between 5 and 6 qts. However you should stat check the liquid at 4 1/2 quarts. This guide should assist you out install liquid pan, gasket and filter, reverse removal procedures. Watch Fig. 9 and Fig. 10 .Hold the larger drainpipe plug with a wrench and remove the tiny (center) liquid level denote plug making use of a 3/16" Allen key. Download the liquid Level & to fill Plug Adapter (307-437) right into the pan. Watch Fig. 4 .Prior to pour it until it is full the fluid Transporter/Evacuator/Injector (307-D465) with clean infection fluid, make sure that the canister is clean. Watch Fig. 5 . Fill the distinct tool with clean automatic transmission fluid. Hang the fluid transporter/evacuator/injector under the vehicle, upright and also close come the transmission.Connect the open end of the liquid hose native the fluid transporter/evacuator/injector come the liquid level and fill plug adapter at the bottom of the transmission liquid pan. Watch Fig. 6 .Apply a maximum of 30 psi (206.85 kPa) come the open finish of the vacuum/pressure water tap from the Rubber reminder Air Nozzle (100-D009). Watch Fig. 7 . Liquid will immediately start flowing out of the unique tool right into the transmission liquid pan.Add 2 or 3 quarts of transmission fluid into the fluid pan. Protect against the procedure by releasing the air pressure and removing the air nozzle native the end of the hose. Engine idle speed is about 650 RPM. Start and also run the engine till the transmission liquid temperature is in between 80-120 F (27-49 C).Inspect the liquid level in the unique tool. If the fluid drains earlier into the canister, the transmission is full. If no liquid drains back, an ext fluid will must be added. Repeat procedures 6 and also 7 .Once the transmission is full, ar a hand vacuum pump on the open end of the vacuum/pressure water tap of the Vacuum Pump Kit (416-D002) and apply vacuum to the system. See Fig. 8 . This will certainly pull out any type of extra liquid trapped in the system and also direct it right into the container.Allow the fluid to drain.

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Once the liquid comes out as a slim stream or drip, the liquid is in ~ the exactly level. Reinstall the small (center) fluid level denote plug using a 3/16" Allen vital