Recharge waiting Conditioning with Freon in a Pontiac grand Am - check the waiting conditioning device for leaks. If your cool Am is R134 compatible, you have the right to use a leak detection kit indigenous your local automotive store. Few of these kits will certainly seal little leaks. Save in mind the if the waiting conditioner is leaking, you should fix the leaks before recharging the system. That is illegal to discharge any kind of refrigerant right into the air. This has recharging an waiting conditioning system you know is leaking refrigerant.Look for the Low push Side company port. This is close to the firewall on many Grand to be cars. It has a blue or black color cap significant L. Take this cap off and collection it aside. Look at the connector to recognize if your car uses R134 or R12 refrigerant. You will an alert screw kind connectors ~ above the both the High pressure Side and Low pressure Side lines in models making use of R12 refrigerant. The R134 compatible systems have actually a quick affix valve on the Low pressure Side. Models make in or prior to 1995 may use the old R12 refrigerant. If this is the case, friend must have your grand Am"s waiting conditioning system retrofitted to use R134 refrigerant.Check her air conditioning device pressure using an automotive air conditioning pressure gauge. Store in mind the in order to get precise reading, the wait conditioner needs to be turn on the coldest setting with maximum blow power.Attach the refill hose to the connector ~ above the Low push Side of the air conditioning system. Make certain that it is securely attached.Allow the waiting conditioner come suck the refrigerant out of the can by slowly transforming the valve ~ above the refill kit hose. Pay fist to the way you host the can. Most kits will have actually you hold the deserve to upright once you recharge the air air conditioning system. It may take as lengthy as 10 minute to north a single can.An air conditioner the is blowing heat air is frustrating. If every one of the components are working effectively in your cool Am, you might need come recharge your device with refrigerant. Recharging the wait conditioner yourself in your cool Am is possible if your car is R134 compatible.

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