Okay, I have actually a 2005 Ford Explorer through roughly 160K miles which has actually done me great for around 6 years currently, however over the last a number of months I have had bit things go wrong below and also tbelow.

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I am a mechanic by no implies, however can tinker through “minor” projects when the needs arises. I change my own oil, put in a brand-new alternator, readjusted the idler wheel, put on a new belt, and put brand-new rotors, pads, and also calipers through the assist of a friend.

Two days back as I was driving house after dropping my daughter off at a friends; as I was going around 55mph my Explorer jerked really difficult and also the RPM’s dropped (practically prefer it shut off); then the RPM’s shot earlier up and also it was fine for around another quarter of a design. My Explorer jerked again; just this time dash lights flickered, RPM’s dropped gradually, and I obtained 2 indicator lights on the dash (SERVICE ENGINE & A WRENCH). The dash also presented a message “Engine Fail Safe Mode;” I had no throttle response and as I pulled over and also pertained to a speak the engine died.

When I tried to rebegin the Explorer I kept obtaining the exact same display screen on the dash, however this time it was displaying “Engine Fail Safe Setting - Low Oil Prescertain.” I was lucky enough to have actually a Kentucky State Trooper aid acquire me off the road and I left her in the parking lot of a gas terminal about a 1.5 miles amethod from my house. I have actually a frifinish that was going to help me move it to a garage yesterday and also once we checked out pick it up I decided to try and also watch if she would start. When I cranked her up she began and then died; I tried this 2 more times and also on attempt number three she continued to be running (through no indicator lights).

I went ahead and also drove my Explorer to the garage and talked to the mechanic around what it was doing. He is going to hook it up and also watch what the computer states, yet I am afrassist this is going to be a costly repair.

My question is; has anyone else had this take place and also what am I looking at as far as repairs? Also, when I acquire the malfeatures codes; just how basic would certainly it be for a person through minimal mechanical endure to solve (depending on the issue)?

I think that your biggest fear at this suggest should be damages to the engine as an outcome of re-founding and also running the engine after a warning of low oil pressure. Until the diagnostic codes are recognized, nobody might maybe offer you a precise diagnosis or possible repair costs, however the opportunity of bearing damages from running it with low oil press is a really expensive scenario.

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If you are really lucky, this might revolve out to be somepoint as basic as a poor crankshaft position sensor that is affected by warmth. But…the feasible low oil push instance would have me sweating a little bit until the full story is uncovered.