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I have on 05 Accord with 173,000 miles. I"ve had the car for the last 25,000 miles. I adjust the oil at 7,500 miles. The vault owner had actually the spark plugs and wires adjusted at 130,000 miles. I"ve changed out the waiting filter, cleaned out the accelerator body and also all at 165k ish...The various other day the maintenance light come on. Why is that? i thought it to be for transforming the engine oil.

I have on 05 Accord through 173,000 miles. I change the oil at 7,500 miles. The other day the maintenance light come on. Why is that? i thought it was for an altering the engine oil.

You do understand that simply transforming the oil doesn"t reset the maintain interval right? You need to manually reset the timer. Even if it wasn"t tripped before you walk the oil change. If you don"t reset it, it keeps counting down. If you have actually been taken that to gain changed, they probably reset it because that you each time but forgot to critical time.
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last oil readjust was not long time back
still have actually lots of mile on it. I perform the oil transforms myself. I never ever did reset anything since there to be no light before...didn"t recognize i had actually to reset it even if it is its ~ above or does this average that the light only counts mile or is it actually doing some time the meaningful evaluation going on?


It go strictly through miles. Every 10K mile it remains on. About 9500 it flashes once you start up, ns think.
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If you check out it, friend would understand your 05 Accord has no maintenance codes. The maintain minder mechanism (which has actually codes) started in 06. The 03-05 Accords have actually a maintenance compelled light, the comes on after a particular amount of miles.
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The light is on due to the fact that you didn"t reset it! The light has actually no idea what wake up underneath the hood. You might have changed the engine with a brand new one 50 miles back and it would still go off. To reset, through ignition off, press and hold the trip meter stick, climate switch the ignition on. Store holding the stick till the maintenance light beginning flashing, then dissapears. Every done! It must take about 15-30 secs for the light to begin flashing. The light, at least for 06+ models is claimed TO basic oil life turn off of #of engine starts, just how long it"s run, miles, etc. What it really is a light that comes on after ~ something prefer 7000+ miles. Mine struggle 0% oil life right around 7300 miles.The maintenance system and the OBD-II system(check engine light) are various things. ~ above the maintenance minder mechanism (06+) the will display letters and numbers, EX: A 1, or A123, etc. These numbers and letters exchange mail to a details service, favor A ns think is tire rotation, 3 is transmission fluid change. The inspect engine irradiate is various from this. Come get examine engine light codes, girlfriend will need to plug in one OBD-II scanner, because automakers feel the it provides too lot sense for the particular code: P0420, and a summary of the difficulty to popular music up on the dash.A cool thing to understand if you room taking your automobile in because that an emissions check: when you rotate the ignition on, the examine engine light will certainly come on, wait around 15 seconds, if the light goes off, her readiness codes room set. If the irradiate flashes 3(?) times and stays on, the readiness codes space not set. If the readiness codes space set, you have actually a possibility at passing, if not, no chance, and also you will have to drive more.
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