VTEC represents Variable Valve time with digital Control. Honda provides two VTEC systems; VTEC and also VTEC-E. VTEC to be the first, introduced in 1991 to rise performance of the 4 cylinder engine. VTEC-E was presented later to improve emissions and fuel economy. The 2 systems, VTEC and VTEC-E are regulating valve actuation and valve lift utilizing solenoids which interact to apply oil push to the valve timing system. The change valve timing system is designed to usage re-routed oil push to the rocker eight pistons above 2,500 RPM to readjust the engine volumetric efficiency, resulting in raised power.

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The change valve timing oil pressure switch is a typically open switch located at the VVT solenoid. Once the VTEC oil pressure switch closes, the voltage must drop come zero. This is just how the PCM to know if oil pressure was used to the VTEC system. As soon as this system stops working to operate properly the ECM may collection a code. The codes associated with this are P1253 (21) because that the solenoid and also P1259 (22) for the push switch. Each password requires additional diagnosis before condemning the solenoid or the VTEC oil push switch.

If you perform not preserve your car, the display screen in the VTEC solenoid can come to be plugged. The press switch won’t choose the problem up since it is located before the screen. The VTEC kicks in, but oil pressure never gets come the rocker shaft. If friend unplug the solenoid and there is no distinction in engine power, inspect the filter first.

1991-2007 Acura/Honda VTEC and VTEC-E engines owners require to adjust their oil routinely using the correct viscosity. Dirty oil have the right to plug the screens through i beg your pardon oil is supplied to the solenoid. Also, making use of oil through the not correct viscosity can cause the change valve timing system to operate poorly or not at all.

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