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I currently have a 2006 F250 6.0 turbo Diesel longbed, automatic, 96K miles.I currently tow a 8,000 pound RV fifth wheel through my truck, to be looking at getting a newer and bigger 5th wheel, and would prefer to uncover out what is my top limit in load that have the right to be traction (5th wheel only).One source says the towing weight for my truck is 9,100 lbs, and also another document indicates 16,100 lbs.Hopefully part knowledgeable person out there can provide me some good numbers.Thanks for any and all help
I think the cgwr for truck and trailer is 23,500. I have the right to tell you my 07 F250 pulls my 14k 5th wheel through no issues. Sent from my SM-G935V making use of Tapatalk

you can call Ford v your vin but additionally the door jam sticker will tell you.12.5k is type of the max I prefer unless you acquire air bags, 5th wheel n stuff. There are a many of people towing 14k no problem yet if girlfriend live in one area with lots of trucking you could get easily popped for being end capacity also if you space not over the common 26.5k limit. Have actually you looked at your regional dmv yet? I recognize California has actually some crazy dominance that states if the trailer weighs over 10k by itself you require a commercial class A license. I"ll look to verify yet I believed I check out that last time.

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Here"s the towing guide for 2006. The chart you"re searching for is ~ above the bottom fifty percent of web page 17. Max trailer weight relies on cab configuration and 2WD vs 4WD. If your truck is a 4WD crew cab, looks like 15,500 is her answer listed you keep the linked weight of truck and trailer under 23,000.

26K linked weight. Likewise if the an unified weight is end 26K friend will need a course A advertisement license. Mine 06 F350 weighed in at 7960 pounds top top the truck scale empty , 2 gallons that fuel , no preventive , no jack and also me not in it. To uncover my max tow weight ns would should fill it up , load whatever in the , placed myself in it and also weigh it. Subtract the from 26K and you have your max tow weight. The 2-1/2" receiver is rated for 15K top top the 05 and also up trucks. Also any van that has actually a GVRW that 13K or more requires a class A commercial license. I know a couple of construction males that acquired stopped because that speeding ~ above the fwy and also busted for driving one F450/550 without a commercial license. The CHP deserve to be real strict. And in cali you need a course A commercial patent to pull 2 trailers. A friend ns mississippi told me you have the right to pull a camper and a boat behind friend pickup truck through a consistent license as lengthy as the entire train doesnt weigh over 26K. I usage to have a class A license through a 2 trailer endorsement however like an idiot i didnt renew it. I have to get another juan.