Timing Belt instead of Service

How lot does a timing Belt instead of cost?

On average, the cost for a Toyota Sienna time Belt replacement is $660 v $280 for parts and $380 for labor. Prices might vary relying on your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
1998 Toyota SiennaV6-3.0LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1028.80Shop/Dealer Price$1211.02 - $1667.65
2002 Toyota SiennaV6-3.0LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$940.08Shop/Dealer Price$1120.19 - $1570.33
2003 Toyota SiennaV6-3.0LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$940.08Shop/Dealer Price$1120.18 - $1570.32
2004 Toyota SiennaV6-3.3LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1044.89Shop/Dealer Price$1237.35 - $1702.29
2006 Toyota SiennaV6-3.3LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1044.89Shop/Dealer Price$1237.54 - $1702.62
1999 Toyota SiennaV6-3.0LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$948.80Shop/Dealer Price$1131.08 - $1587.76
2005 Toyota SiennaV6-3.3LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1119.89Shop/Dealer Price$1316.72 - $1784.94
2000 Toyota SiennaV6-3.0LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$960.08Shop/Dealer Price$1141.13 - $1591.98

What is a timing belt and how does that work?

An engine time belt is a fiber reinforced, toothed drive belt manufactured using resilient compounds together as extremely saturated nitrile. The timing belt allows the crankshaft to drive the camshafts in the cylinder head at fifty percent the RPMs of the crankshaft. The camshafts climate open and close the engine intake and exhaust valves in time with the movement and position that the pistons in the engine.


When to change the timing belt?

Every 60k-90k miles. If one engine is equipped through a time belt, the time belt have to be changed at the business interval mentioned by the car manufacturer nevertheless of even if it is or not any kind of problem is visible, generally in the range of 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Your automobile owner’s manual should state the particular service interval.Engine stop abruptly or will not start. Occasionally, time belts deserve to break, or skip, while the engine is running.Rough engine operation. The molded, reinforced this on the time belt interact gears top top the crankshaft and also camshafts. After numerous tens of countless miles, the teeth deserve to wear or break, or the belt can stretch, hence causing the belt come jump position on the crankshaft or camshaft gears. Should the belt jump, the engine will run poorly and also perhaps not at all.Banging or clanking engine noise. On some engines, if the time belt has jumped, the pistons and also valves can collide and also there will certainly be noise and damage. This engine draft are described as interference engines. If your vehicle has one interference engine, replacing the timing belt according to the maintain schedule will minimize the chance that a belt failure will reason engine damage.

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How perform mechanics replace the timing belt?

Engine designs vary, and thus the instead of procedure will vary, however broadly, the procedure is as follows:

Disconnect the battery floor cable.Once the engine is cold, set the crankshaft to peak dead facility with the number one piston top top the compression stroke. Eliminate crankshaft pulley.Remove all accessories interfering with the removal of the timing belt covers. Eliminate timing belt covers. Lock camshafts, together required, and also note position of camshaft time marks. Eliminate timing belt tensioner and idler pulleys. Remove timing belt.If replacing the water pump, do so at this time, and also of course drainpipe the cooling system first. If the engine cooling mechanism thermostat is only available with water pump replacement, the thermostat must be replaced as well.Installation of the new timing belt includes all of the over steps, carry out in reverse, following strict indict to assure camshaft and also crankshaft (and balancing shaft, if equipped) room in perfect alignment after ~ tensioner has actually been set.Upon perfect of the installation, the engine crankshaft is turn by hand 720 degrees and the correct position of the time marks on the crankshaft and the camshafts is confirmed.The car is roadway tested to confirm typical operation and also a service sticker is affixed to the engine noting the date of belt replacement and the auto mileage.

Is it for sure to drive with a timing belt problem?

No, were a worn out timing belt to snap while underway, perhaps on a highway, it create a risk of complete loss of engine strength while surrounded by fast moving vehicles. When your auto has got to the recommended replacement mileage because that the belt, friend can eliminate the hazard of sudden and also unexpected timing belt breakage by having it replaced. If your engine is that the interference type, the is particularly important to replace the belt follow to the maintenance schedule due to the fact that sudden breakage of the timing belt, if the engine is running, will likely cause significant damage to interior engine materials such together the valves and pistons.

When instead of the timing belt save in mind:

An interference engine need to be very closely inspected before a damaged timing belt is replaced due to the fact that it may have sustained damages that will need to be repaired before installing a new belt.The timing belt system contains idler pulleys and a belt tensioner. These components should be replaced in addition to the belt. On part cars, the timing belt cd driver the engine water pump. Mechanics will typically recommend instead of the water pump in ~ the same time that the timing belt is replaced.

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