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So i did it and also it is not difficult at all! maybe a tiny tedious, however that"s around it.And friend will require a filter; WIX component #24367.It is the cabin wait filter the the 2010 ford blend uses.And yes it fits perfectly. I provided the WIX filter due to the fact that that is the filter brand that I prefer the best!However "am certain that, there room plenty of other brands out there.If anyone is interested ns can short article pics the what the entirety thing looks like.There yes, really isn"t much to it, believe me.My automobile is a 2008 fusion SEL V6 :coolio:

FINALLY!!!!!! people! below are the pictures.

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Thanks therefore much, fusion ff!DISCLAIMER: for anyone that is walking to carry out this project. Anyone and everyone act this change to their vehicles, are absolutely responsible for any type of damages excellent to yourselves and or her vehicle/s. Ns take no duty AT all for any kind of damages done to any of her property, or other"s property, or any kind of harm of any kind excellent to yourselves or others. You are doing this at her complete and absolute complimentary will. PLEASE use your common sense. PS I would advise you to wear mechanic gloves, there are a most sharp edges in there.

Well girlfriend are appropriate fusionff, anyone can do the what ever way they want. They can also use chimpanzee tape because that all ns care and also they are good to go! yet I obsess around everything i do! the word overkill to be coined in my honor,LOL. Oops! ns ment gorilla tape, no chimpanzee tape. Oh well you acquire the idea.
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