when we turn the key, you can hear whatever engaging, however the vehicle will either no start, or will start after holding the an essential for a couple of seconds. Us have adjusted the starter. No issue with the starter as the original was still good. Many of the moment you have the right to pull it right into neutral and also it will start. Changed the "safety neutral switch" and also the automobile still has the issue. There is a display screen that pops increase that states "hill start help not available." I believed the automatically versions the this automobile were no equipped v this. Can you call me perhaps what is wrong with the auto or what the feasible issue is?

Hello,It sounds choose the starter relay is having actually a problem. Here is a overview to assist us acquire started v the problem. Https://www.yellowcomic.com/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitThis guide can help as wellhttps://www.yellowcomic.com/articles/car-cranks-but-wont-startLet us know what happens and also please upload photos or videos the the problem.Cheers, Ken




No crank no start. I adjusted the starter switch, not that all lights ~ above dash come on and also go earlier off. You re welcome help!
check battery for condition including fill test most places do for free. Also, shot a security mechanism reset
hello DANIEL,If you decision to examine the problem of her battery yourself right here is a attach to one article kind this site that functions written instructions, pictures and a video explaining just how to pack test her battery yourself. If you need additional assistance please come ago to yellowcomic.com. We are always happy come help.https://www.yellowcomic.com/articles/how-to-check-a-car-battery say thanks to you because that visiting yellowcomic.com.Kindest regards,ReneeAdmin
Hello, I have actually a 2010 emphasis SE couple - hands-on tran and also I have actually trouble starting the car. I checked the starter, battery, alternator, fuses, vital sensor and also still the vehicle will no crank. I tried to push start the auto to inspect if it to be an engine issue. The auto ran/runs perfectly. I have the right to not it seems ~ to number out why the auto will no crank over. I now have to manually start the automobile by connecting a cable native the starter come the positive from the battery. Please help.Thank friend
have actually a 2010 ford focus. Wrench symbol come on when driving on fwy because that 20 mins. Vehicle did not lose power or stop. Obtained off fwy to go to store. Turned end engine again. Symbol does not appear on my dashboard. What is the potential problem?
fly by cable system has an issue. Have actually it checked to verify.It most likely has a warranty on this. Have actually this confirmed at the dealer.Roy
an intermittent fault has actually been detected. A scan can tell friend what caused it together trouble codes wuld it is in stored.
mine 2007 Ford emphasis SES, was functioning well until the other day I stopped at the store after work and also would not start, just clicks. Had actually to jump start it however could not keep RPM"s and would quickly die out. An initial thought was the battery yet when I had the ability to drive the home, after several jump starts and carefully speeding up it all the time, the voltage to be a stable 13+ ~ charging for around 2 hrs. Yet still would certainly not start. Any type of assist would be appreciated.
gain a helper disconnect a sparkplug wire or 2 and also ground it to the engine atleast 3/16 away from ground-have helper crank engine over-do you have a snapping blue spark? If so-you have a fuel connected problem, examine the fuel pressure to dominance out the fuel filter/fuel pump/pressure regulator and also listen to the injector/s space they pulsing or hook up a noid light. No snapping blue spark continue to troubleshoot the ignition system-power input to the coil/coil packs, coil"s resistances, distributor pick-up coil, ignition regulate module, cam and also crank sensors and also computer Note: If that doesn"t use disregard it
2 mainly ago, vehicle wouldn"t begin on an initial crank, every the lights come on. Ns waited 5 seconds and also started the second time no problem.Last week, turned the key, lights come on and the car didnt even crank. No sound comes from the connection. This morning. Enginge not transforming over at all.( CAA watched the battery last week and also said there to be a most juice left and the alternator seemed an excellent too)starter? loosened connection?Getting the auto towed an initial thing Monday morning. Please help :)
Ok, ago to basics, compression, fuel pressure and spark. One is absent and we need to uncover out what is missingRoy
Engine Mechanical trouble 4 cyl former Wheel journey Automatic 45000 milesThe battery seems fine, lamp work. Does not crank/fire once started. You deserve to hear a click under the hood near the prior (meaning close to the windshield)on the drivers side as soon as you turn the key. Lights and all gauges work fine. The battery appears strong. Ns was told the was more than likely the alternator, in retrospect ns think it might be the starter or could it it is in the starter solenoid, I confirm the starter fuse under the hood, that is fine. I have not confirm the fuses by the vehicle drivers side in the car. I recognize if the starter needs to be replaced, girlfriend should likewise replace the starter solenoid. Could the solenoid it is in the reason of the difficulty or are the odds that is the alternator?Thank friend for her help, zenit
hello Janice, very first off, have you do the efforts jump starting it? If not execute so, if starts and runs great it could be her Battery. Also, examine the internal lights make sure they space not on. While car is to run go by your local parts store and have lock test her battery.If quiet doesn"t start can be the Starter Relay, that is most likely the click you hear. That is situated in the key junction box under the hood. There have to be a diagram on the underside the the lid. That will tell friend which one is the starter relay.Test examine if it is negative take a look at the numbers on it, then look at the other relays around and also match increase the numbers and then simply swap the two out. Simply remember i beg your pardon ones girlfriend swapped.If beginning then replace relay.If still does not begin the might be starter. .
Hello obxautomedic, Per her questions. The battery has actually been experiment it is fine. Tried to have actually the auto boosted it still did not start. All power is rotate off when trying to begin start automobile that is why ns am thinking it can be the ingnition or the alternator or the starter solanoid or starter relay. Though the fuses whereby checked. Have the right to I check any of these components with a volt meter before towing it to a garage? say thanks to you janice
hello Janice,Check out the following links come test....Relays - https://www.yellowcomic.com/how_to/how_do_i_check_a_relay.htmFuses - https://www.yellowcomic.com/how_to/fuse.htmIf after experimentation the over and castle all check out the next thing to execute is to remove the starter and have the bench tested, prior to replacing.And the Starter Selenoid is attached come the starter so friend would need to replace the starter also if the selenoid is the problem.Also the is no your Alternator, the alternator dues the battery and also powers every eletrical componants. It has nothing to execute with your automobile not transforming over. Specifically if her battery check out an excellent and you have attempted jump beginning the vehicle.Mark.
ns am having the same prob however on the tool panel over there is a pic the a automobile with a lock thru the car. My catalytic converter walk out. This occurred once prior to when the oil obtained too low however oil is well now. The auto has been to run rough once idling yet otherwise runs ok. Have the right to you call me whereby to start looking. Ns can find nothing top top this warning light however obviously the system has shut under to prevent more prob but Don't understand what I'd wrong. Must I shot putting top top battery charger together nothing functions not lights, door locks not will it turn over. Various other than the one warning irradiate on the panel over there is a faint oil irradiate that mirrors up
Hello, Yes i think have are on the money v the battery. Ns would change it and then recheck the alternator come make sure it is obtaining charged.Here is a guide to pack test the batteryhttps://www.yellowcomic.com/articles/car-battery-load-testandhttps://www.yellowcomic.com/articles/how-to-check-a-car-alternatorPlease permit us recognize what happens.Cheers, Ken
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