The accelerator body is component of the waiting intake system, that controls the lot of waiting that’s allowed to flow into the engine. If this quantity is too little or too much, it have the right to throw the whole system out of balance.

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Are there any Dodge Avenger throttle body recalls?

As the September 2020, dodge hasn’t issued any type of safety recalls for Avenger accelerator bodies. However, part Avenger owner have detailed complaints around the car’s accelerator body. 


Thankfully, in this article, we’ll this complaints in more detail.

Dodge Avenger accelerator Body Complaints

An owner that a 2010 evade Avenger through over 80,000 mile noticed the the check engine light came on. The early stage diagnosis said the crankshaft sensor should be replaced. The owner had actually the occupational completed, however the inspect engine light came on a 2nd time and also the engine started knocking.

This Avenger’s engine shut under at a red light and also when restarted, would not go over 35 MPH. The crankshaft sensor was adjusted again, the throttle body was cleaned, and the problem continued.

Other problems related come the Avenger’s accelerator body include:

Engine misfiresUnpredictable power losses and also stalls

The above issues were detailed by numerous owners the 2010 Avengers and also other design years, consisting of 2013.

One owner of a 2013 Avenger in Missouri noticed that his Avenger to be surging in rate while driving down the highway, illuminating warning lights and also showing a P2173 Code as soon as checking the dash light codes. The car additionally idled roughly and surged unpredictably while at idle.

The owner changed the accelerator body, however the difficulty recurred.

What walk the Lightning Bolt typical on My evade Avenger Dash?

The lightning bolt indicator ~ above the Avenger’s dash is the digital Throttle control (ETC) light. That signifies a difficulty with the throttle mechanism that controls the lot of fuel noted to the engine.

Problems through the throttle body sensor and the accelerator body can reason the lightning bolt come illuminate. The accelerator body might need to be replaced, or the powertrain manage module might need to it is in reprogrammed or replaced.

Are There any Related problems That have actually a safety and security Recall because that Avenger?

In 2008, dodge recalled 712 Dodge and Jeep models, including Avenger, due to the fact that their powertrain control modules (PCM) might fail when the cars were on the road. The NHTSA recall number because that this campaign is 08V528000.

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Symptoms of the PCM fail are similar to the problems explained by Avenger owners with throttle human body problems.