Hello all,

I have spent a couple hours trying to find the Fuel Filter part number and location on my 2013 EcoBoost fusion.

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Does anyone know the part I need and the location of the filter?


Part is nowhere to be found on the Ford parts catalog. I saw some videos on YouTube for the location but all of them where different engines to mine so I"m not sure. Also, I found a motorcraft PN on Autozone but Ford"s catalog says that part number is not for my car.


Please let me know if you need more info.

Thank you.

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drolds1 441



Posted November 23, 2018

The fuel filter for you car is located in the fuel tank and is part of the fuel pump module. It doesn"t get changed unless the fuel pump is changed. 


Do you have a reason to change it or were you just planning on regular maintenance?

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MLopez503 0


Topic Starter
Posted November 24, 2018

I recently had an issue with what I"m assuming is the low fuel pressure sensor, this is based on other tread on this forum. My the car would stall and/or loose throttle response and throw codes. Long story short, I changed the sensor and that seems to have solved the issue so far (changed the sensor 2 days ago) but I was thinking on changing the fuel filter just to be safe. Car is out of warranty so I"m trying to solve the issue myself.

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2013 2.0 EcoBoost Fuel Filter PN and location

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