Use this calculator to convert a decimal number come a fraction. To convert a number with repeating decimals, go into the variety of trailing decimal locations (digits indigenous the end of the number) to repeat.

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How to convert a decimal come a fraction

part decimals are acquainted to us, so we have the right to instantly check out them together fractions (0.5 is 1/2, because that example). However what of various other less evident decimals - how deserve to you calculation what 0.45, 0.62 or 0.384 is as a fraction, because that example? Here's how...

develop whether your decimal is working in tens, hundreds, thousands or more. This will become your multiplier in action 3.Example: 0.45 is 45 hundredths create out her decimal as the numerator of a portion (i.e. Above the portion line). The denominator listed below the line is always 1, since a decimal is always component of 1.Example: 0.45/1 main point your molecule by 10 / 100 / 1000 (your multiplier from action 1), and also then carry out the exact same for the denominator.

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Example: 45/100 simplify your fraction. Discover the 'Greatest typical Factor' (the highest possible number the divides exactly into both the numerator and the denominator). Example: Both 45 and 100 are multiples of 5, so we deserve to divide both numbers by 5. Result: 9/20.

must you have a entirety number in ~ the beginning of your decimal (6.45), you deserve to simply eliminate it to occupational out her decimal, then include it again at the end (Example: 6 and also 9/20).

You deserve to go v this procedure step-by-step in our post on exactly how to transform a decimal to a fraction.

together a side-note, if you discover yoursefl needing some assistance with rounding calculations to far-reaching figures, examine out the significant Figures Calculator by Quentin Truong.


Why use this decimal to portion calculator?

usage this converter to check your calculation answer or to get help with figuring the end the methodology behind converting a decimal number to a fraction. As well as providing a result for her calculation, we additionally show you how the answer to be achieved.

Repeating decimals

This decimal to fraction calculator offers you the opportunity to stand for repeating decimal by beginning a number into the 'Number of trailing decimal places to repeat' box. Simply get in the number of digits indigenous the finish of the decimal to repeat. For various other non-repeating decimals, save the default setup at 0.

as an example, if you desire to transform a repeating decimal such together 1.234... Climate you should enter 1.234 into the Decimal box and also 3 right into the Number of rolling decimal places to repeat crate (signifying that the critical 3 digits of the number must repeat).

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Other fraction calculations

need to you wish to add, subtract, multiply, divide or leveling fractions, please view the fractions calculator.

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