1993: 2 young friends in Memphis drop your debut album after difficult together because they to be children, while an altering the background of southerly rap in the process.

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Hip-hop is the most popular type of music in America. Similar to everything, the genre owes a lot to it's past, with plenty of pioneers placing in the groundwork years before, once rap hadn't however taken the world over. Two of those pioneers space 8Ball and MJG, two childhood friends from Memphis. Their an initial major move right into the civilization of hip-hop to be the release of your debut album Comin' the end Hard, which come out on august 1, 1993.

The duo met in center school in the mid-1980s, however didn't relax an official debut album until 1993, when they reduce the previously-aforementioned Comin the end Hard, ~ above the then-upstart local label, Suave house Records. The job was ripe tracks in length and a relatively quick listen, comes it at simply under 42 minutes. Interestingly enough, 8Ball and also MJG pulled dual duty, handling every one of the lyrics and the production. The gritty, low-quality sound of Comin the end Hard set the ton for southerly rap. Over there is a basic funk sound come the album, through their hometown's brainchild blues likewise floating end the album. The 2 friends exchanged tales of the streets over loops and old-school drums, unknowingly paving their route to ending up being southern hip-hop legends.

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One the the most popular songs indigenous the album is "Pimps," a monitor that would certainly go ~ above to assist define who 8Ball & MJG were as artists. The song is obviously about the prostitution business, through Ball and MJG breaking down the top of the trade. Over a loud bass loop, the two drop verses about how to survive the world of pimping without gaining taken advantage of. During his last verse, MJG renders the situation that the pimp video game simply must exist, a clear instance of supply and demand. "It wouldn't be a ho, if the wasn't because that the tricks/But I indicate we save em', therefore a pimp deserve to keep his bitch," he rhymes, explaining the inner functions of his trade. "It demands to be understood, there wouldn't it is in one there is no the other/So why the fuck this folks keep trying to sweat a muthafucka."

The 2 released later albums like On The exterior Looking In and On top Of The World and also truly started making noise, but it all began with Comin the end Hard. Your debut likewise made XXL's list of the 20 finest rap jobs out the Memphis.