Cumulus Media rock “93X” 93.7 KXXR Minneapolis has announced the addition of Dana Wessel together Executive Producer of their “Half-Assed Morning Show”.

Wessel most recently co-hosted mornings at different “Go 96.3” KQGO Edina/Minneapolis through Ben Holsen till their leave last summer. He has additionally previously worked at sporting activities “100.3 K-Fan” KFXN-FM and also “ESPN 1500” KSTP and served together a soccer contributor come the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

CUMULUS MEDIA announces the it has appointed Dana Wessel as Executive Producer for 93X/KXXR-FM’s Half-Assed Morning Show. Wessel will additionally be heard top top the show, which features an ensemble cast. A well-known fixture top top Twin urban radio, Wessel’s 15-year radio career contains roles together producer, on-air host and also sports writer in ~ stations consisting of KFAN, AM-1500/KSTP-AM, and Go 96.3, wherein he was most recently morning show host. 93X’s Half-Assed Morning present airs ~ above 93X, Minnesota’s absent Station, Monday v Friday from 5:40am-9:00am. Derek Madden, regime Director, 93X/KXXR-FM, said: “We room really fired up to include someone to the Half-Assed Morning present who’s to be a Twin cities star in the morning in his own right. Us talked with a number of good people around this opening, but nobody fit our brand of insanity quite prefer Dana. He feels choose a part of The Brotherhood already. Thank you come Shelly Wilkes, Brian Philips, trojan Hanson, Doug Hamand, and Dave Milner because that helping to do it happen.”

Madden added: “I’m therefore excited because that the present to embark on this following chapter. This must be what it’s like once The Avengers add another superhero come the group.

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I think. I nothing watch those movies.”

Dana Wessel commented: “I am dazzling to acquire to continue doing radio right here in my hometown, particularly with together a legend show. I provided to be late for high school due to the fact that I didn’t desire to get out of mine car and also turn off the Half-Assed Morning Show. To now be working alongside Nick and also Josh yes, really is a dream. My high college self would have actually fainted if that knew this would take place one day.”