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GettyLouisville Slugger Bats and Rawlins Ball, the official Bat and also Ball of significant League Baseball, photographed on December 19, 2012.

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Riddles and also online puzzles have become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, because so many world are in ~ home and also in isolation. A brand-new riddle has been going around social media that’s causing a lot of world to obtain confused and wonder around the answer.

This riddle is called “baseball bat and ball expense $1.10” or just simply “bat and ball expense $1.10.” below it is:

A baseball bat and also a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1.00 an ext than the ball. Exactly how much walk the ball cost?

This riddle requires human being to use logic and also take a step back to think around the answer. There’s no accompanying image and also all the info needed to fix it is in the riddle. For those who think they have it or are all set to give up, review on for the answer to this tricky riddle.

The Answer come the ‘Baseball Bat & Ball expense $1.10’ Riddle & Explanation

A bat and also ball price $1.10.The bat costs one dollar more than the ball.How lot does the round cost?

— Yaroslav Patrin (

Although many civilization may it is in mistaken or obtain confused, the answer come this popular riddle is 5 cents. For the bat to cost $1 more than the ball, the ball has actually to expense 5 cents and the bat $1.05.

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Many civilization will instantly think the answer is 10 cents, however that’s actually incorrect. The reason most will jump straight to 10 cent is that once thinking quickly, civilization will assume the the bat is $1 and also the sphere is 10 cents. However, if the ball prices 10 cents, the true cost of the bat would certainly be $1.10 and also both together would it is in $1.20.

If a bat and also ball price $1.10 together and the bat cost $1 much more than the round , how much the ball expense ? RT after

— Rodrigo Nunez