A link B has the formula C8H10. After vigorous oxidation, it returns benzoic acid (structure in Eq. 17.37). What is the structure of B?Eq. 17.37

hydrocarbon of unknown structure has the formula C8H10.

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on catalytic hydrogenation over the Lindlar catalyst, 1 identical of H2 is absorbed. On hydrogenation end a palladium catalyst, 3 equivalents of H2 room absorbed. (a) How plenty of degrees of unsaturation are present in the unknown? (b) just how many... See Answer
α-Phellandrene and β-phellandrene room isomeric compound that are minor...... a UV absorption maximum in the 230-270 nm range. Top top catalytic hydrogenation, every compound yields 1-isopropyl-4-methylcyclohexane. ~ above vigorous oxidation v potassium permanganate,... See Answer
A hydrocarbon A, C9H12, is treated through A-bromosuccinimide in CCl4 in the presence of peroxides to give a compound B, C9H11Br. Compound B undergoes quick solvolysis in aqueous acetone to offer an alcohol C,C9H12O, which cannot be oxidized through CrO3 in pyridine. Vigorous oxidation of compound A with... Watch Answer
three bottles A, B. And C have actually been found, every of which contains a liquid and also is labeled "amineC8H11N." together an expert in amine chemistry, you have been hired as a consultant and also asked to identify each compound. Compound A and B give off a gas once they react v NaNO2 and also HCI at 0 °C; C does... Watch Answer
A compound has the empirical formula CHCl. A 256-mL flask, in ~ 373 K and also 750. Torr, includes 0.800 g of the gaseous compound. Give the molecular... See Answer
A health-food keep stocks two various brands of a certain type of grain. Permit X = the amount (lb) of brand A top top hand and Y = the lot of brand B ~ above hand. Intend the joint pdf of X and Y is a. Draw the an ar of hopeful density and determine the worth of k. B. Room X and Y independent? Answer... View Answer
draw a use instance diagram because that the following situation (state any assumptions you believe you have to make in order to build a finish diagram). Then convert the use case diagram into a sequence diagram. The H. I. Topi school of service operates international service programs in ten locations... Watch Answer
Le-Nature"s was not a SEC registrant. Recognize corporate administration safeguards imposed on SEC registrants that room not enforced on non-SEC registrants. See Answer
describe two philosophies that deserve to be used to calculation GDP and also explain why these two approaches give the very same value come GDP. View Answer
Susan Huang started the exercise of regulation October 1, 2017, through an initial investment of $10,500 in...... A... Accounting in legislation school and knew the statements ready by Player left much to be desired. Consequently, she asked girlfriend to revise the statements. The Player variation is presented as follows:... Watch Answer
In each case tell even if it is oxidation v pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC) and oxidation v MnO2 would provide the same product various products, or no reaction. Explain.(a) (b) see Answer
display the isoprene skeletons in ~ the adhering to compound of Fig. 17.3.caryophylleneFig. 17.3 view Answer
medical allowance is a regime administered by the says that gives medical help to low-income...... ... 3.4%; p = 0.04). a. identify the therapy variable and the solution variable. b. was this a controlled experiment or an observational study? explain c.

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have the right to you conclude that the increase in Medicaid... See Answer
A manager have to make a decision on shipping. There room two shippers, A and B. Both market a two-day...... ... $ 450 and a seven-day rate of $ 410. Yearly holding prices are 35 percent of unit price. 3 hundred boxes space to be shipped, and each box has actually a price of $ 140. Which shipping alternative... View Answer
use Gauss"s law to the Gaussian surface S2, S3, and S4 in Fig. 22.21b to calculate the electrical field between and external the plates. Watch Answer
“I thought I understood earnings per share,” lamented Brad Dawson, “but you"re telling me we...... ... Included in this year"s calculation. “Put it in a memo!” the grumbled as he left her office. Required: create a memo to Dawson. Explain the effect on income per share of each of the... Check out Answer
residential Corporation, a U.S. Firm, gained Valiant abdominal on January 1,2013. Valiant is a Swedish...... ... 31,2013, appear below, measure up in krona (kr), the sweden currency. Requireda. Remeasure Valiant"s 2013 start and finishing trial balances right into dollars.b. Prepare a remeasured income statement... View Answer
Kat is willing to salary $900 for 25 bottles of grape wine. The sector price of 15 party of grape...... ... 3 75 mean the industry price of a grape wine party is $80 per unit. Calculate the consumer surplus and the consumer"s complete benefit. Consumer surplus is $ and the consumer"s total advantage is... See Answer