Countries That start with the Letter R


Romania is uncovered in the southeastern part of Europe v a floor area of about 147,886 square miles. Bucharest serves as the resources city that Romania through a population of around 1,883,430 human being as every the 2011 census. Its economic climate is short which makes it the poorest amongst the europe nations.

Romania approved the constitution of France in 1991 and amended it in 2003. The governance of Romania is democratic since it is a multi-party state. The chairman is elected for a best of ten year (two state of 5 years each). The members of conference are chosen by the citizens every seven years.

Though Romania is among the poorest nations in Europe, its economic situation is growing. Unemployment and inflation are decreasing due come the climb in industrial output and also foreign investments.


The Russian Federation has actually a populace of more than 144 million people and also land coverage of about 6,612,100 square miles.

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The head the the state is the President according to the structure while the head that the federal government is the element Minister.The government is created of three tiers: legislative, with a nationwide assembly of 450 members; executive, created of the President and also cabinet; and judiciary, i beg your pardon comprises of the supreme Court and also other country’s constitution courts.

Russia is a mixed economy state and also it is the 12th highest economy in the world. By 2014 the unemployment rate was about 5.4%. The nation mainly exports oil, organic gas, timber and metals i m sorry constitutes to more than 80% that the total exports. Russia is the leading exporter of natural gas in the world. The primary source of federal government revenue is the organic gas industry and electric power plants. Russia was the first country to establish nuclear plant which produces electrical power to enhance hydropower.


The Republic the Rwanda is located within the borders of Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and the autonomous Republic of Congo ~ above the continent of Africa.

The current president, who is the head the state in Rwanda, is Paul Kagame. The room secretaries and also prime minister are appointed through the head of state. The presidential election takes place every 7 years. The parliament is responsible for legislation.

The 1994 genocide affected Rwanda’s economic situation negatively. The main source of federal government revenue is subsistence farming since Rwanda has scarce natural resources. The tourism market is the current booster of Rwanda"s economy.

Developing nations

Among the three nations that start with letter R, Russia is the most arisen as the is a super-power nation who has actually a world duty to maintain peace. However, Russia does have actually a high rate of corruption. Romania and also Rwanda are occurring nations.

Countries That start With The Letter R

Countries That begin With The Letter R
Russian Federation

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