An web hit track at a time when civilization were still getting used to the idea the music on the web, “A autumn In The Ocean” opened up up the floodgates because that singer-songwriter Ron Pope earlier in 2007. It’s one of those songs whereby you have the right to tell that the feel is authentic because you can read it in between the lyrical lines and also hear that in every vocal exhortation do by Pope. He find beauty in the sadness and sadness in the beauty, and songs like that have staying power.

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In a recent ‘Behind the Mic’ session because that American Songwriter on facebook (watch here), Pope to be asked by those tuning in around the shelf life that this song. “It’s weird,” Pope mused. I began writing that song around 15 years ago. And I edited it probably a year later. It seems choose every time the can’t get any more popular or reach any more people, it seems to sort of no go away. That wild. It’s exciting to have it it is in a component of people’s lives after all these years.”

Pope described how he and songwriting partner Zach Berkman collaborated ~ above “A fall In The Ocean.” an early version the the tune had remained in gestation, with Pope comes up through bits and pieces like the chorus (albeit with various lyrics) and also bridge. That’s once Berkman gotten in the picture.

“I’d remained in a songwriting circle v Zack,” Pope remembered. “That’s how we’d met actually. We’re great at workshopping together, we’re an extremely comfortable, we’re great at co-writing together. We’re in ~ ease through it and we’re great with constructive criticism and stuff like that due to the fact that we’ve been doing that a long time.”

“He come in and I said, ‘Well what would certainly you beat in the verse?’ ns played him all the components I had. And he played it (the key piano riff) like that.” v the important hook in place, Pope could go about completing the song. However it wasn’t prefer there was a Eureka minute or a feeling that background was gift made. “It wasn’t choose a big to-do,” Pope insisted. “We wrote songs with each other all the time and tossed around ideas like that all the time.”

As is so regularly the situation with the sluggish stuff, a breakup provided the lyrical inspiration. “I to be 22 year old once we began writing this song,” Pope explained. “It’s around getting my heart broken and also the man of cultivation up. Yes sir a heat in there, ‘I to be boy who loved a woman favor a little girl.’ us were all growing up. I was dealing with somebody that was beginning to feel choose a woman prefer she to be a small girl. It to be a confusing time, resulting age. It’s a song about that duration of mine life and also heartbreak and also the pains of leave love behind.”

“A autumn In The Ocean” details a relationship on the cusp the dissolving, the terrible period in limbo where staying is agony and leaving is terrifying. “It’s also late come cry/Too broken to move on,” Pope sings. The verses are practically like stream of consciousness, non-linear snapshots the flash in front of the narrator as he tries come make sense of wherein he’s at.

The pre-chorus spells out his torture: “And still ns can’t let friend be/Most nights i hardly sleep/Don’t take it you don’t need from me.” that a plea for mercy the goes unanswered, just like his prayer in the chorus the “you and me could end up together.” also as he tells her that “you space my heaven” and clings come her, Pope’s anguished delivery makes the clear the his finger are starting to slip.

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Like plenty of artists who have success and also extremely popular song in ~ the start of their career, Pope has had to come to terms through the ubiquity that “A fall In The Ocean” and his fans’ desire to hear it still after so plenty of years. He defined how part advice from another successful songwriter aided him appreciate it more.

“I created a track with Michael Bolton a number of years earlier and ns asked him, “Do you ever before really get sick of play your popular songs?” part which he had written in ~ the end of the 80s into the 90s. And also he said, ‘No, because they make human being so happy.’ and I to be then maybe five years right into this being a well-known song. And also that’s exactly how I feeling now. I was wondering if I would certainly feel favor that.”

Ron Pope now looks at “A autumn In The Ocean” with a combination of wonder and gratitude. “It feels great to pat it since people choose it,” that said. “It makes people happy to hear it, so ns gratified the I developed something that means something to people. And also I feeling that method with every the famous songs. It’s prefer I write them because that me however then I placed them the end for you. I desire them to connect to you and also be a part of her lives.”

Pope has a new album out, ‘Bone Structure,’ if you desire to assistance his work, click here.