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Driving when under the influence (DUI) of medicine and/or alcohol is a significant offense that’s going to have both legal and insurance consequences. A DUI conviction will result in the suspension of her driving privileges, fines and also possibly jail time. A DUI conviction will certainly also affect your driving record and result in higher car insurance money premiums for three to five years, relying on your state.

Getting auto insurance ~ a DUI conviction have the right to be a challenge, however it’s not impossible and also you may be able to find (relatively) great rates. Here’s what you should know.

What is a DUI?

DUI/DWI describes driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The drugs might be prescription, over-the-counter or illegal. A DUI is generally a misdemeanor, but repeat offenses could an outcome in a felony in particular states.

Drunk steering is figured out by testing your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). What’s thought about over-the-limit will depend on your state. Because that example, many states have adopted 0.08% BAC as the legal limit, however Utah lower its legal limit to 0.05% for vehicle drivers over age 21.

The legal limit might be also lower in her state depending upon other factors. For example, the is illegal to drive in California with a BAC that 0.01% or higher if you room under period 21 or on probation for DUI.

If you have actually a advertising driver’s license (CDL) and also you space operating a commercial vehicle, the federal Motor carrier Safety management established a 0.04% legit limit. If you space convicted that a DUI when driving a advertisement vehicle, it have the right to also affect your non-commercial driver’s license.

In some claims there’s a difference in between a DUI and also DWI (driving when intoxicated or impaired). For example, an “impairment” could be caused by alcohol, drugs, sleepiness or various other factors.

DUI and also Car Insurance

Generally, a DUI will impact your driving record for three to 5 years in many states. In California, a DUI will continue to be on her driving record for 10 years.

When her auto insurance plan is up for rebirth or you apply for a new policy, the insurer will certainly look at your driving history. You deserve to expect significantly greater rates ~ a DUI. Or her insurer could drop you, an interpretation you’ll need to find coverage through one more insurance company.

If your auto insurance firm drops you or you have trouble detect a standard vehicle insurance policy, here are some DUI vehicle insurance options:

Your state or court could order you to get an SR-22 (called SR-44 in Florida and also Virginia). SR-22 is not insurance. Rather, the a type filed with your state that verifies you carry the state’s minimum auto liability insurance.

If you no much longer own a vehicle but are required to record an SR-22, non-owner car insurance is an option.

DUI and also Legal Consequences

Legal after-effects for a DUI will certainly vary relying on the state whereby you are convicted. Below are some examples:

Driver’s patent suspension: 48 says have administrative license suspension (ALS) for a very first DUI conviction. License suspension can selection from 30 days come a year or longer. Part states enable for restricted driving privileges such as driving to and from work.Fines: A DUI conviction is likely to an outcome in steep fines. For example, very first time DUI offenders in California have the right to expect fines to range from $1,400 come $2,600.Jail: A very first time DUI offender could additionally face prison time ranging in between 24 hours and also up come a year, depending on the state.Ignition interlock system.: one ignition interlock is a machine that disables your car’s engine if alcohol is recognize on her breath. Every state has actually an ignition interlock program and it is obligated or very incentivized in 31 states after a DUI conviction.High BAC: chauffeurs who had actually a high BAC (typically 0.15% and over) space subject to raised penalties in 44 states.

Alcohol-Impaired Driving laws by State

StatePenalty for high BACAdministrative license Suspension (first conviction)Limited control privileges during suspensionIgnition interlocks (first conviction)


0.1590 daysMandatory for high BAC; highly incentivized for an initial convictions
Alaska90 daysAfter 30 daysMandatory
Arizona0.1590 daysAfter 30 daysMandatory
Arkansas6 monthsYesMandatory
California0.154 monthsAfter 30 daysDiscretionary in Alameda, Los Angeles, Tulare and also Sacramento counties
Connecticut90 daysYesHighly incentivized for every convictions
Colorado0.153 monthsYesMandatory for high BAC; extremely incentivized for very first convictions
Delaware0.153 monthsNoHighly incentivized
D.C..20, .25 and also .302-90 job or until depositionYesMandatory
Florida0.26 months for DUI; 12 months for refusal to submit to BAC testAfter 30 days; ~ 90 days
Georgia0.151 yearYes
Hawaii3 monthsAfter 30 daysMandatory
Idaho0.290 daysAfter 30 daysMandatory
Illinois0.166 monthsAfter 30 daysMandatory
Indiana0.15180 daysAvailable immediately
Iowa0.15180 daysAfter 30 daysHighly incentivized
Kansas0.1530 daysHighly incentivized
Kentucky0.1530-120 daysYesMandatory
Louisiana.15 and also .20Vehicle confiscationMandatory because that high BAC (0.20 and also above); highly incentivized for very first conviction
Maine0.1590 daysYesHighly incentivized
Maryland0.1590 daysYes, v ignition interlockMandatory
Massachusetts0.290 daysYes
Michigan0.1730 - 180 daysAfter 45 daysMandatory for high BAC (0.17)
Minnesota0.1690 daysMandatory
Mississippi90 daysMandatory
Missouri0.15After 0 days v interlock use; after 30 days without interlock use
Montana0.166 monthsYes
Nebraska0.1590 daysAfter 30 daysMandatory
Nevada0.1890 daysAfter 45 daysMandatory
New Hampshire0.166 monthsMandatory
New Jersey0.13 monthsMandatory
New Mexico0.16 (jail obligated for all offenses)Under 21: 1 year; 21 and older: 6 monthsImmediately with ignition interlockMandatory
New York0.18YesYesMandatory
North Carolina0.1530 daysAfter 10 daysMandatory because that high BAC (0.15 and higher)
North Dakota0.1891 daysAfter 30 daysDiscretionary
Ohio0.1790 daysAfter 15 days
Oklahoma0.15180 daysYesMandatory because that high BAC (0.15 and also higher)
Oregon0.1590 daysAfter 30 daysMandatory
Pennsylvania0.10 and also 0.16Mandatory because that high BAC (0.10 and higher)
Rhode Island0.10 and 0.1530-180 daysMandatory
South Carolina0.10 and also 0.161 month for BAC higher than 0.15YesMandatory because that both high BACs
South Dakota0.1730 daysYesDiscretionary
Tennessee0.21 yearYesHighly incentivized for an initial conviction
Texas0.1590 work if 0.08 or higher; 180 days because that refusal to submit to BAC testYes
Utah0.16120 daysHighly incentivized for very first conviction
Vermont90 daysHighly incentivized for very first conviction
Virginia0.15 and 0.207 daysHighly incentivized for very first conviction
Washington0.1590 daysWith ignition interlock driver’s licenseMandatory
West Virginia0.156 monthsAfter 30 daysMandatory because that high BAC
Wisconsin0.17, 0.20 and 0.256-9 monthsYesMandatory for high BAC
Wyoming0.1590 daysYesMandatory for high BAC
Source: Governors Highway safety and security Association

One way to lower automobile insurance prices after a DUI is come ask her insurance agent if you qualify for any car insurance allowance discounts. Just since you have actually a DUI on her driving record doesn’t mean you’re not eligible because that discounts together as auto safety feature discounts, anti-theft discounts, work-related discounts and pay-in-full discounts. In fact, among the finest discounts you can snag has nothing to do with your driving record: bundling auto and also home insurance.

You can also switch insurance companies. Not all insurers price drivers with a DUI the same. It’s a an excellent idea come compare auto insurance estimates from multiple insurers to watch if you can find better rates.

Generally, DUI way driving under the influence, while DWI means driving while intoxicated or impaired. In some states, a DUI is the very same as a DWI, if in other states the two terms can mean other different and have a different collection of consequences.

Whether or no your state specifies a difference between DUI vs. DWI, one point is for sure: A conviction is walk to result in a huge spike in your auto insurance rates. It is because automobile insurance suppliers see both DUI and DWI together risky behavior, which equates into higher prices.

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Your state or a court could order friend to get an SR-22 ~ a DUI conviction. One SR-22 is no insurance. That is a form filed v your state that proves you carry the state’s minimum car liability insurance money requirements. This form might additionally be referred to as “SR-44,” “SR-22 bond” or a “certificate of gaue won responsibility.”

SR-22 requirements vary by state, however you’ll frequently need come retain her SR-22 and car insurance policy for at the very least three years. If friend fail to carry out so, you might have your patent suspended till your insurance is reinstated. You may be able to buy a non-owners vehicle insurance policy to fulfill this necessity if friend no longer have a vehicle.