Collective name for teams of animals are said to date ago to middle ages times, i m sorry may describe why several of these names have the right to be strange, surprising or downright funny come us, such together an unkindness the ravens. In the soul of the cool language provided by ours ancestors, more modern terms for animal groups have the right to have a fun twist, like a crash of rhinoceroses.

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list of names for groups of pets

Whether it is a group of mammals, birds or even insects, there is a unique collective noun to determine the specific group, although several of these surname are hardly ever used. Most human being are likely to usage the general term flock because that a group of eagles, rather than the suitable term convocation. Still, it"s good to understand the correct cumulative noun, even if it"s just to wow her friends.

Collective Names because that Animals

We"ve gathered together a list of 60 teams of animals and also their collective nouns - some animal groups deserve to have more than one collective noun - the you may or may not have actually heard of. Whenever pets gather in groups, they space formally called:

Apes: a shrewdnessBadgers: a ceteBats: a colony, cloud or campBears: a sloth or sleuthBees: a swarmBuffalo: a gang or obstinacyCamels: a caravanCats: a clowder or glaring; Kittens: a litter or kindle; Wild cats: a destructionCobras: a quiverCrocodiles: a baskCrows: a murderDogs: a pack; Puppies: a litterDonkeys: a droveEagles: a convocationElephants: a paradeElk: a gang or a herdFalcons: a castFerrets: a businessFish: a schoolFlamingos: a standFoxes: a skulk or leashFrogs: one armyGeese: a gaggleGiraffes: a towerGorillas: a bandHippopotami: a bloatHyenas: a cackleJaguars: a shadowJellyfish: a smackKangaroos: a convoy or mobLemurs: a conspiracyLeopards: a leapLions: a prideMoles: a laborMonkeys: a barrel or troopMules: a packOtters: a familyOxen: a team or yokeOwls: a parliamentParrots: a pandemoniumPigs: a drift or drive (younger pigs), or a sounder or team (older pigs)Porcupines: a prickleRabbits: a herdRats: a colonyRavens: one unkindnessRhinoceroses: a crashShark: a shiverSkunk: a stenchSnakes: a nestSquirrels: a dray or scurryStingrays: a feverSwans: a bevy or game (if in flight: a wedge)Tigers: an ambush or streakToads: a knotTurkeys: a corridor or rafterTurtles: a bale or nestWeasels: a colony, gang or packWhales: a pod, school, or gamWolves: a packZebras: a zeal

To broaden your vocabulary even more, can aid you find out some animal names in Spanish.

Animal Names deserve to Highlight Traits

Not only is it fun to say certain names for groups of animals, but it is interesting as well. The cumulative names provided to groups of animals can be as distinct as the pets themselves and also highlight particular traits of that group. Psychic that, and also when friend think that a group of skunks the word stench should automatically come to mind.

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Our list is through no way exhaustive, so please share more collective noun for teams of animals in the comments below. And for a tiny light relief after learning that list check out our funny animal puns slideshow.