perspective the views society as a set of interrelated components that occupational together to produce a stable system.

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genograma visual diagram that relationships
ideal typedescription of the essential qualities of some aspect of society.
historystudy of previous events
functionpositive an effect an element of society has for the maintain of the society system.
economicsstudy that the options people make in an initiative to meet their wants and needs.
dysfunctionnegative repercussion an element has for the stability of the social order.
conflictperspective that focuses on those pressures in society that promote competition and also change.
anthropologycomparative research of various facets of past and present cultures.
psychologyscience that encounters the behavior and thinking of organisms.
social sciencesrelated self-controls that research various elements of human being social behavior
symbolic interactioninteraction between people the takes place through the use of symbols.
symbolanything that stands for something else and also has a shared meaning attached come it.
Theorysystematic explanantion of the relationship in between phenomena.
theoretical perspectivegeneral collection of assumptions about the nature of phenomena.
Versthenempathetic understanding of the interpretations others connect to your actions.
interactionistperspective that focuses on exactly how individuals connect with one an additional in society.
Max WeberGerman society scientist that studied interaction between individuals (social interactionist) to describe social behavior.
manifest functionthe intended and also recognized consequence of some element of society.
latent functionthe unintended and also unrecognized repercussion of an facet of society.
Emille DurkheimFrench society scientist that was the first to use the techniques of science to the research of society. A functionalist.

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Herbert SpencerA society darwinist who advocated the idea of "survival of the fittest" as society works with each other as a whole, and also that no steps should be required to correct society ills.
Karl MarxBelieved society is motivated by a strength struggle in between the "haves" and the "have nots."