Everyone’s bound to run late for work at some allude – and also sometimes the reasons will it is in ridiculous. And also sometimes it’s it s okay to tell a small white lie.

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11. ‘The subway/bus was the end of order’

For those who usage public deliver to acquire to work, this excuse will certainly be as straightforward as pie. Contact in late and also simply explain to your supervisor that the subway is closed because of technical check or that your usual bus didn’t turn up since of drivers’ strikes. This is the perfect reason for gift late.

12. ‘I was held up in ~ the doctor’s’

You booked your appointment way before you’re an alleged to gain to work, however the wait room to be overcrowded, and the physician took too long to watch you. Now, that’s an pardon that will sweeten up your boss. A doctor’s visit is constantly a issue for your employer, so this cover-up story because that being late could even obtain you some sympathy. Nothing forget come *fake cough*!

13. ‘There’s been a fatality in the family’

This forgive is quite dramatic, yet if being so late for work is detrimental to your position, it’s time to summon the devil and make increase a horrid lie. Explaining the a family members member passed away late last night or beforehand this morning is a believable method to cover up your tardiness. No boss will concern this an individual issue. Just make sure to placed on your ideal poker challenge when reciting the story.

14. ‘I was called into school’

Another white lied that will sound choose a systematic reason because that being late. If you have actually kids, tell your manager the the headteacher referred to as you come come and also collect your son – either because that being unruly or since they gained sick. Suck as much as your boss by including in, ‘As a fellow parent, ns really expect you understand.’ Argh, kids these days!

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15. ‘My house got burgled’

Yes, this might be dramatic, yet it’s far better than telling your boss that friend wasted time talk to her friend ~ above the phone! Channel your best Meryl Streep and explain that your house was burgled in the early hours of the morning and also you had to wait because that the police come arrive and also take fingerprints. Tragic.

16. ‘I had actually a automobile accident’

This covering up will make total sense when you come one hour late to work-related on a Monday morning. Girlfriend don’t have to exaggerate this excuse – just educate your employer the someone struggle the ago of your auto on the method to work and you had actually to wait because that the insurance allowance to turn up and also sort the end the issue.

17. ‘It’s personal’

Sometimes, friend don’t require a full-blown sheathe story to define why you’re late. Simply tell your manager that you were held up because that ‘personal reasons’. Mention that a perceptible issue developed overnight and you’d quite not talk around it. Hopefully, your boss doesn’t torment you come explain, however otherwise, ‘it’s personal’ sounds favor a pretty great reason come let friend off.

18. ‘I acquired splashed by a puddle’

Argh, those inconsiderable drivers. The raining, you have to walk come work, and a auto drives by and boom, you obtain splashed through a pass car. Well, the only method you’ll need to head back home for an outfit change. This pardon is better than saying you to be abducted through aliens.

19. ‘I lost my vehicle keys’

Arriving top top time is one of the best ways to prove your workplace professionalism. But sometimes, youngsters happen. To run late because you like to sleep in? shot to provide the excuse the your troublesome children lost your car keys and also you spent fifty percent an hour trying to find them before the commute come work.

20. ‘I have bad cramps’

Sometimes, gift a woman has actually its perks. Informing your boss that you’re to run late because of severe menstruation mouse is a method to soften lock up. If your manager is a man, he’ll more than likely feel fairly uncomfortable discussing it, and if that a woman, well, she understands her pain. Females – we’ve got the trump card card!

Final thoughts

Life wake up and, well, she late. It wake up to the ideal of us. Simply don’t do it a habit and also instead, practice good work etiquette by making yourself punctual. If to run late is without doubt something you can’t help, v our list, us hope girlfriend don’t run out the excuses!

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Join the conversation! have actually you ever used any an excellent excuses as soon as you were running late because that work? let us recognize what they are by commenting in the section below.


Angela is a passionate freelance writer that enjoys placing a distinct spin ~ above topics favor career advice, entertainment, translation and also health. On top of her experience as a copywriter, editor and also proofreader, she has also helped providers recruit, display screen CVs and interview candidates ~ above the side. Through this experience, Angela currently enjoys giving tips on job development, freelancing and also how come ace project interviews. ~ obtaining a BA in Media and Communications, she made decision to launch her very own showbiz-themed website TellTalesOnline.com. When she isn’t liven blogging, Angela is obsessively catching up with fact TV and also listening come the latest music.

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Angela is a passionate freelance writer that enjoys putting a distinct spin top top topics choose career advice, entertainment, translation and health. On peak of her suffer as a copywriter, editor and proofreader, she has likewise helped companies recruit, screen CVs and interview candidates ~ above the side. With this experience, Angela now enjoys supplying tips on job development, freelancing and how come ace project interviews. After ~ obtaining a BA in Media and also Communications, she determined to launch her very own showbiz-themed website TellTalesOnline.com. When she isn’t liven blogging, Angela is obsessively capturing up with reality TV and also listening come the recent music.