In many English sentences with an activity verb,the topic performs the activity denoted through the verb.

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these examples display that the topic is doingthe verb"s action.


Because the topic does or "acts upon"the verb in such sentences, the sentence are stated to be in the energetic voice.

Passive voice

One can change the common word stimulate of manyactive sentences (those v a straight object) so that the subject is no longer active,but is, instead, gift acted ~ above by the verb - or passive.

note in these instances how the subject-verbrelationship has changed.


Because the topic is being "actedupon" (or is passive), together sentences are claimed to it is in in the passivevoice.

NOTE: colorful parrots live in therainforests can not be readjusted to passive voice because the sentence does nothave a direct object.

To adjust a sentence from energetic to passive voice,do the following:

1. Relocate the energetic sentence"sdirect object right into the sentence"s topic slot




Because passive voice sentences necessarily addwords and readjust the regular doer-action-receiver that action direction, they may make thereader occupational harder to recognize the to plan meaning.

As the examples below illustrate, a sentencein active voice flows an ext smoothly and is less complicated to recognize thanthe same sentence in passive voice.

It is typically preferable to usage the ACTIVEvoice.

To change a passive voice sentence into an activevoice sentence, merely reverse the steps presented above.

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1. Move the passive sentence"ssubject right into the active sentence"s direct object slot

3. Ar the passive sentence"s thing of the preposition by right into the subject slot.See more: 110 Mm Is How plenty of Inches (110 millimeters In Inches), 110 millimeter To Inches

Because the is much more direct, many writers prefer touse the active voice whenever possible.

The passive voice might be a better choice,however, when

the doer that the activity is unknown, unwanted, or unneeded in the sentence