R&B star Akon has shifted the blame because that his raunchy dance through an underage girl on stage onto her parents.

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R&B star Akon has shifted the blame because that his raunchy dance with an underage girl on phase onto she parents.

The Smack the hitmaker sparked controversy when that dirty danced through 14-year-old Danah Alleyne in ~ a Trinidad gig in May, prompting the Caribbean country"s prime Minister to order a official investigation into the incident.

But Akon states he was offered as a "scapegoat" and also accuses her parents of gift irresponsible for enabling her in one over-18 nightclub performance.

He said:, "It was an unfortunately situation, more of a misunderstanding more than anything.

You can"t blame me because that a young girl sneaking right into the club. Why is she dad letting her out at the time the the night? That"s not my responsibility, so i didn"t yes, really let it affect the means I was relocating around."

Akon, that was touring with Gwen Stefani at the moment of the incident, was dropped by tour sponsors Verizon.

The singer apologised come Stefani because that bringing conflict to the tour in one of his song - yet insists she handled the occasion graciously.

He said: "She had my earlier the entirety way. We literally stand together and she to be like, "OK, as lengthy as us stand together, we don"t need Verizon, us don"t require anybody, every present is totally sold out."

"Honestly we were help them an ext than they"re helping united state at this point, so she stood by me the totality way."

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