Clone wars Revealed Why Anakin totally Became Vader ~ Mustafar throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars, ~ above a lava people not uneven Mustafar, Anakin dropped to the dark side a year before his change into Vader.

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Anakin Skywalker in Revenge that the Sith and Star wars The Clone Wars
An illustration of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 3 has Anakin Skywalker transforming to the dark side a year before becoming the Sith lord Darth Vader in Star Wars: illustration III – Revenge the the Sith, and shows just why Mustafar to be so essential to his transformation. While Anakin i do not care a Jedi again through the end of the episode, the situations of his quick fall from grace speak come the reasons why that ultimately end up being a Sith a year later.

The Clone Wars season 3, illustration 17, "Ghosts the Mortis", is the final component of the Mortis trilogy, where Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan uncover themselves in a mystical aircraft that exist on no star maps and is occupied by 3 god-like Force-wielders. Each Force-wielder to represent a different facet of the Force. The Father shows up to it is in the cosmic Force, The Daughter seems to stand for the living Force, and also The boy embodies the dark side of the Force. Hoping to damage The Son, Anakin ventures right into his domain, the well of the Dark Side, wherein The Son attacks him v visions that his future together the Sith mr Darth Vader. In the previous episode, The son mesmerizes Ahsoka into briefly falling come the dark side, but unlike his padawan, Anakin turns entirely willingly.

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The visions the The Son mirrors Anakin space the catalyst for his turn to the dark side. Horrified through what he saw, Anakin was desperate to protect against the premonitions from coming to be reality at any cost. Because that this, he made a Faustian bargain through The Son, embracing the power of the dark next of the Force. The young machinations are thwarted when The Father gets rid of Anakin’s memory of the visions, reversing his turn to the dark side. Anakin’s dilemma ~ above Mortis is no unlike the circumstances seen in Revenge that the Sith., appropriate down to following in a sinister, magma-filled chasm with a striking intuitive similarity to Mustafar. Anakin is desperate to prevent visions that his wife dying in childbirth from becoming a reality, and the Jedi market no options to his problem, so he turns to the Sith in desperation, believing Palpatine’s promise the the power of the dark side would save Padme.

Anakin in The Clone wars Ghosts the MOrtis
come Anakin, the power of the dark side and also the Sith space simply means to an end. Anakin feel held ago by the Jedi Order and the patience forced to master the Force, making him specifically susceptible come the philosophy of the Sith and the addictive features of the dark side. The catastrophic irony that Anakin’s rotate is that his desperation to protect against his visions is what eventually leads them to end up being reality. By the time that Anakin is left top top the shores the Mustafar, his body destroyed, his wife dying, and also the galaxy doomed to autocracy, he has nothing left but to serve the Sith and Galactic realm as Darth Vader.

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The well of the Dark Side’s solid resemblance to the earth Mustafar was obviously a deliberate selection on Star Wars: The Clone Wars part to have Anakin’s corruption ~ above Mortis resemble his loss from grace in the prequel trilogy, yet the similarity provides sense in-universe together well. In the canon continuity, Mustafar is itself corrupted by the dark side and also has a long background of association v the Sith. The fine of the Dark Side was the resource of the dark side’s power on Mortis, therefore it’s fittingly comparable to a planet steeped in the dark side.