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Anna Hutchison and also Jason Smith have actually been dating because 2008.

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On display screen Matchups

Anna Hutchison and also Jason smith have been in 2 on-screen matchups, notably Legend of the Seeker(2008) and also Rotting Hill(2012).


Anna Hutchison is a 35 year old brand-new Zealander Actress. Born Anna Hutchinson on 8 hours February, 1986 in Auckland, brand-new Zealand, she is well known for Delphi ~ above Shortland Street, Alison in Underbelly & Amy in walk Girls in a career that spans 2002–present. Her zodiac authorize is Aquarius.

Jason smith is a 37 year old Australian Actor. Born top top 31st May, 1984 in Sydney, brand-new South Wales, that is renowned for Robbie Hunter in Home and also Away in a career the spans 1996–present. His zodiac authorize is Gemini.


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Relationship StatisticsStatusDurationLengthDatingTotal
2008 - present13 years, 9 months
2008 - present13 years, 9 months

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Relationship Timeline

12th November, 2020 - Dating

2008 - Hookup

Couple to compare

Anna Hutchison
Jason smith


Age (at begin of relationship)
Legend that the Seeker2008
Rotting Hill2012


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Jason Smith other Relationships


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