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Genre: Comedy, Musical, RomanceStarring: Selena Gomez, attracted Seeley, jane Lynch, Katharine IsabelleDirector: Damon Santostefano include Favorite

Storyline: A man who danced with what might be the girl of his dreams at a costume sphere only has one hint at she identity: the Zune she left behind as she rushed residence in bespeak to make her curfew. And also ...

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The Psycho Lover (1970) A psychiatrist plots to killing his wife, yet with a brand-new twist: he will certainly brainwash a patience he is treating right into committing the crime.


Cynthia (2017) Cynthia is a fear film around the 'perfect' pair and your desperate obsession to have a son which descends into a terrifying dark comedy.


A single and lonely woman finds the look at perfect man to date, yet soon regrets it once his deranged and possessive various other personality emerges and worst still, she cannot to convince anyone else of his Jekyll/Hyde true nature.


Priest the Love (1981) following the banning and also burning of his novel, "The Rainbow," D.H. Lawrence and his wife, Frieda, move to the joined States, and also then to Mexico. As soon as Lawrence contract tuberculosis, they return to England for a short

His deadly Affair (2019) violin Danielle's dream boyfriend, James the Conductor the the Orchestra, has actually a dangerous and also obsessive wife, who is wait to extract she vengeance top top Danielle.

Vamps (2012) In Manhattan, the vampires Goody and also Stacy share an apartment and work and also study in the nightshift. Goody to be turned in vampire in 1840 through the evil Cisserus, who turned Stacy in the 90s, and also they came to be best friends yet Goody never ever told

Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious Georges Creators (2017) A documentary film exploring the extraordinary resides of Hans and Margret Rey, the writer of the beloved Curious George children's books.

Permanent Midnight (1998) Comedy writer Jerry Stahl, whose $6000-a-week heroin habit had him acquisition his infant daughter follow me on his drug runs and also doing smack throughout TV script conferences. Departing detox, Stahl explores memories with survivor Kitty,

Antigone (2019) A contemporary adaptation the the standard Greek tragedy which drops within a social realism. Come the legislation of men, the young Antigone apposes her very own sets the values.

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Listen, lets Make Love (1968) once his father dies, young lad travels to Milan to attend the funeral and also decides to follow in his father's footsteps together a gigolo. That is successful at finding wealthy women to food on, yet finds himself caught up in a bidd

Beyond The Spectrum Maussans UFO records (2019) watch his story unfold together we recount his rise as a journalist covering few of the many controversial UFO occasions seen across Mexico in history. Jaime Maussan began his career in ...

Sword the Sherwood forest (1960) The sheriff that Nottingham plots to confiscate the estate of the mr of Bortrey, who has passed away on Crusade. The Archbishop that Canterbury speaks versus this plot, and also the sheriff to plan to eliminate him. Robin Hood preten

An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn (1997) manager Alan Smithee concerns Hollywood to do a movie. Due to a selection of factors, he decides come disown it and direct it under a pseudonym. Unfortunately, the Director's Guild requires that if a di

Exit come Hell (2013) A neighborhood gang plunder a mafia operation strip club, shooting up the place and killing anyone in sight. They head southern for the border, yet when they enter the town of Redstone and also begin terrorizing the locals, they discover that crime is a food

52 PickUp (1986) take care of Mitchell, an L.A. Manufacturer with a sophisticated car, a nice house, and also a mam running because that city council, has actually his life overturned when three masked blackmailers appear with a video clip tape of Harry and his young mistress. He's been collection

8 Slices (2018) A new hire joins a little town pizza restaurant just as the service fails and also its employees concern the "American Dream."

Taps (1981) one announcement that the venerable Bunker Hill army Academy, a 141 year old institute, is to be torn down and replaced v condos sets off the young cadets led by your stodgy commander. Under the command of a student cadet major, th

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