Have friend heard the expression “in a stylish manner” before? Or possibly you’ve viewed it created down in anoffice memo or report? that is one English expression that needs to do with time and punctuality.

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When who talks around something being completed in a “timely manner” they space saying it was done punctually. In this post, to be going come talk around how to usage “in a fashionable manner” and likewise look at some different ways come “in a fashionable manner”.

To really know what the phrase “in a stylish manner” means, we must break it down a bit. The most important word in this expression that you require to understand or know is “timely”, ~ which, you need to understand the definition of “manner”.

Timely is an English word that is usually used as an adjective, that is identified as comes at the appropriate time or happening at the suitable moment.

Manner, on the other hand, is a noun that is defined as a customary mode of acting or the usual means of acting.

When you place both “timely” and “manner” together, you obtain the expression “timely manner” i m sorry is identified as doing something within a offered period. So, if you attain a job in a “timely manner” girlfriend did it within the deadline or earlier.

While you have the right to use this expression in everyday conversation, girlfriend are more likely come hear the in a business setup or see it in skilled correspondence. So, her boss can tell you the youdid a good job because you perfect your project in a fashionable manner. Or her co-worker could imply they require you to “hurry up” bysending one e-mail questioning if girlfriend will complete in a timely manner.

1. On-time

This is the basic an interpretation of doing something “in a timely manner”, girlfriend did that on time.


The Japanese train mechanism is an extremely efficient. The trains come (on time/in a fashionable manner).

2. In time

This is another means to say the something was done “in a fashionable manner”. A job was completed “in time” or in ~ the deadline.


If the filing it s okay done (in time/in a stylish manner) we won’t have to work on Saturday.

3. Proper time/moment

These unit volume are options to “in a stylish manner”. If you space punctual, you did something within the meeting and achieved it in ~ the ideal moment.


This is the ideal time to relax the new product to obtain maximum sales.

By releasing the product in a stylish manner, us will acquire maximum sales.

4. Promptly

If you do something “promptly”, you accomplished it “in a timely manner”.


Mary timeless turned over she files, so girlfriend can continue the work.

Mary turned end her files in a stylish manner, so girlfriend can proceed the work.

5. Punctually

You deserve to use “punctually” once you average “in a timely manner”. If girlfriend did miscellaneous “punctually”, girlfriend did it over time or within your deadline.


You make a great impression when you arrived (punctually/in a timely manner) for your interview.

6. ~ above schedule

When someone claims that you are “on schedule”, they room saying the a project is going along “in a stylish manner”. Work are getting performed in a timely manner so the project will be perfect on schedule.


At the price we room going us will finish on schedule/in a fashionable manner.

7. As soon as expected

This is comparable to “on schedule”. If a project is going follow me “in a fashionable manner” it will certainly be finished “when expected.”


We are in heat to launch the brand-new product once (expected/in a stylish manner).

8. In good time

This phrase is a bit much more informal 보다 the various other phrases we’ve talked about so far. You deserve to say that something will be finished “in good time” you room assuring world that something will be achieved “in a fashionable manner”.


It will certainly be excellent (in a an excellent time/a timely manner)!

9. Bang ~ above time

This is an additional informal phrase that deserve to be provided in place of “in a timely manner”. This is actually anexample of british Slang, therefore you could hear it much more if you are working in an area where British English is talked or if friend are interacting with a indigenous British English speaker.


You room bang top top time!

You room through in a timely manner.





10. Clues on time

This is an additional example of an informal phrase that can be supplied as one “in a fashionable manner” alternative. That also more commonly heardfrom british English speakers.


You were spot top top time v that file.

You found that paper in a fashionable manner.

11. ~ above the dot

This is another informal method to suggest that other was accomplished or excellent in a timely manner. If you did other “on the dot” climate you did that “in a stylish manner” finishing before the deadline.


The papers were it is registered (on the dot/in a timely manner).

12. Follow to schedule

This is an additional “in a stylish manner” alternative that is frequently used in business settings or inprofessional correspondence.


Things room proceeding (according come schedule/in a stylish manner). We will accomplish the projected launch date.

13. In a fashionable fashion

This is an additional “in a stylish manner” alternative. Together you can see, instead of utilizing “manner” you say “fashion” however the definition is essentially the same, something will be done on time if not earlier than expected.


We will supply your stimulate (in a timely fashion/in a stylish manner).

14. In due course

This is another means that you have the right to say that a job will be achieved “in a stylish fashion.” You room basically assuring someone that things room coming along nicely and also you will accomplish the deadline.


The project will be finished (in due course/ in a fashionable fashion).

15. Within the time limit to adjust down

Again, this is another method of promising the you will accomplish the deadline. You room saying that a job will be completed within the given time limit.


Please assure thomas that us will provide (within the time limit to adjust down/in a timely manner).

16. There is no delay

When you use this phrase to price the question “when will you be done?” you space saying that you space working top top it and also it will certainly be done within the moment limit or by the deadline. So, friend can likewise use this when you typical that you will certainly be with “in a stylish manner.”


The task is proceeding quickly and also we will certainly be excellent (without delay/in a fashionable manner).

17. According to the schedule

Similar come the idea the you are “within the moment limit” or “without delay” as soon as you usage this phrase you space saying the you will fulfill the attributed or be perfect “in a timely manner”.


Things space proceeding (according to schedule/in a fashionable manner).

18. According to the plan

Similar to “according come schedule”, when you speak this expression you say that a job is going to be achieved within the specified deadline or time limit. The setup is proceeding “in a stylish manner”.


The job is going (according to plan/in a stylish manner) and also will end in time for us to start in May.

19. At the appointed time

Another method of saying the a job will it is in finished in ~ schedule/plan or “in a fashionable manner”. If a job will be done “at the appointed time”, it will be excellent within the deadline.


We will end up (at the appointed time/in a timely manner).

20. Prior to the deadline

Now, this is another way to say the a task will be excellent “in a stylish manner”. In fact, things are proceeding so nicely, the project could even be finished prior to the collection deadline.


As John and also Mary to be able to finish the paperwork early, we will be maybe to paper (before the deadline/in a stylish manner).


Being able come communicate clearly with clients, organization partners, co-workers, and also supervisors is an important skill to have, no issue what career route you select to take.

Learning common phrases the are supplied in skilled correspondence can aid build her fluency and improve both your talked and written communication skills. We suggest that you download this list of the different ways to say “in a stylish manner” and also go with them through an virtual English-speaking tutor. They will be maybe to provide you with much more examples the the ideal use of such phrases and might even be able to suggest a couple of more that you should take keep in mind of.

What's another word because that in a stylish manner?

On-time, In time, Promptly, Punctually, ~ above schedule, as soon as expected, top top the dot

Do you say in a timely path or on a stylish manner?

In a timely path is the correct method to speak it.

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What go in a timely way mean?

When who talks around something being completed in a “timely manner” they are saying it to be done punctually. In this post, to be going come talk about how to usage “in a timely manner” and also look in ~ some alternative ways come “in a timely manner”. To really know what the phrase “in a fashionable manner” means, we need to break it under a bit. The most crucial word in this phrase that you require to know or know is “timely”, ~ which, you require to recognize the definition of “manner”.