The "Stradivarius model" violin was probably made in Germany at the turn of the 20th century or later. Its worth is around $300. Scripps Howard News service
Dear Helaine and also Joe: my mother"s father found this violin if cleaning out a home in 1961. Inside the violin, there is a label that reads "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1716" adhered to by a symbol. Ns would prefer to know the value and whether it is authentic.

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thank you. — B.P., Melrose, Ill.

Dear B.P.: Even though no one is certain of the specific month and also day, Antonio Stradivari is said to have been born in 1644. Some think he could have learned his craft from Nicolo Amanti, but again, no one is sure, and this information is hotly contested.

In any kind of event, Stradivari collection up his very own shop in 1680 in the city of Cremona, Italy, together a "luthier" — or maker of stringed instruments. We have tendency to think that Stradivari together being a maker of violins, yet he also created cellos, violas, guitars, mandolins, and also there is even one extant instance of a tiny harp (he is stated to have made three).

His previously instruments (made from 1680 to 1700) space thought to be inferior to his later pieces, and the so-called "Golden Age" of Stradivari-made stringed tools is said to be from 1700 come 1720 (he died on Dec. 18, 1737). Stradivari supplied spruce, willow and maple to make his pieces, and also he cure the wood through a variety of minerals consisting of "bianca," which is a varnish created of egg white, gum Arabic and also honey.

Over the years because the understand made them, these instruments have arisen so the they produce a remarkable tone that plenty of have tried come emulate.

Because of this remarkable tone and workmanship, musicians desire to own a Stradivarius and also they space willing to pay thousands of thousands the dollars for examples made before 1700 and millions because that those made during the 1700 to 1720 gold age.

In 2006, a Stradivarius (the Latinized form of Stradivari"s surname) recognized as "The Hammer," which was made in 1707, marketed at auction for $3,544,000. That is reported that other Stradivarius instruments have actually sold privately because that more.

OK, what are the opportunities of B.P."s violin being an authentic "Stradivarius?" worth big bucks? The answer is straightforward — absolutely no one whatsoever. This is a Stradivarius model violin the was more than likely made in Germany in ~ the revolve of the 20th century or also a little later.

Violins such as this one were largely made for students to find out on, and also besides the models through Stradivarius brand there space other examples that are called after famous early on violin makers and also have spurious paper labels with those names within the body. These tools are an extremely common. In our first appraisal clinic numerous years ago, we observed 18 of this in one day in a small, rural southerly city.

There to be a time when all real Stradivarius tools were accounting for, yet now we watch that a few of them have been stolen and their whereabouts are currently unknown. So care should be taken if readily available a violin with a Stradivarius brand — that is either a fake, or if that is genuine, that might very well have been stolen.

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The value of "Stradivarius model" violins such together the one owned by B.P. Is usually in the vicinity of $300 or less if they are in relatively poor condition. The value have the right to approach and also slightly exceed $1,000 if the violin in inquiry is in tiptop shape and also can be play in a severe orchestra.

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