How to do a tasty, full Christmas dinner top top the cheap from ALDI. Serve a ham, sides, and dessert and also wow her guests through your frugelness through such delicious food.

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Homemade Pie

How around a homemade pie because that dessert. Make your very own pie late is no that hard and can be done with just a bag of flour ($, 1.15 because that 5 lb bag) water, and also butter ($1.98)

As because that the filling, take advantage of the frozen fruit in ~ ALDI and make a blended berry pie. The frozen berry only expense $1.95 because that 12oz. I would acquire 2 bags because that a entirety pie. Then you will require some sugar as well and also you can acquire that for $1.95 because that a 4 lb bag that Morena Pure Cane Sugar.

2 bags the frozen fruit + butter + flour + sugar$8.98

Remember girlfriend will have extra flour and also sugar leftover.

For indict on how to make a homemade pie crust inspect out out short article on Peach Pie. You have the right to use every butter instead of lard and butter the recipe call for and just use consistent flour.

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Final Cost

For your meal girlfriend have:

Ham with Blackberry GlazeCooked CarrotsShredded Brussels Sprouts & Mushroom SauteMashed PotatoesMixed Berry Pie
Final Cost$35.49

Not negative at all once you consider you will have possibly have leftovers and leftover ingredients.