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Looking the for the difference between dates and prunes?Wondering exactly how they to compare nutritionally?You"re in the right place!

In this guide, we"ll show you:

The distinction between dates and prunes (with photos).How their nutrition facts compare.Other studied health and wellness effects.Unique methods to eat them!

Let"s acquire going!

Although they space somewhat similar looking, dates and prunes space actually completely different fruits. Lock come from totally different plants, have different flavor profiles, and slightly different nutritional properties.

Dates room their own species of dried fruit that prosper on trees, while prunes room actually plums that have been dried.

Despite your differences, part similarities have the right to be discovered in your culinary applications. Due to the fact that they are both dried fruit that room super sweet, we"ve found that they have the right to be used practically interchangeably together replacements to processed sugar in baking, plant-based ice creams, sauces, and also raw cheesecakes. Both space a an excellent addition to a plant-based shopping list!

Dates are an entirely separate species of fruit which flourish on trees. They room consumed dried and also have a comparable texture come prunes. Uneven prunes though, they space rarely, if ever, served in their non-dried form.


If left top top the tree, dates would come to be dried as component of their herbal "ripening" process. However, days are often picked indigenous the tree forward so that the process can it is in controlled. Because they taste ideal when they room still somewhat hydrated, it"s recommended to store them in the frozen refrigerator in one airtight container to save them fresh. A completely dried out day is generally thought about to be less appealing than one the is dried just right. (1)

Unlike advertisement prunes, varying species of dates are available in wide variety. The two most common dates space Medjool days and Deglet Noor Dates. You"re likely to uncover both or among these in ~ your regional supermarket. Deglet Noors space a little harder, smaller, and also less sweet than the Medjool dates. Medjool dates have a soft texture through a caramel-like flavor and tend to it is in the favorite of most date fans.Other arrays of days that friend may have to look approximately for are:

Thoory -Considered to be the "bread date" because that its dried texture. They have actually a tough outer skin with a nutty-flavored chewy inside. Renders them ideal to stand up throughout the bread baking process.
Halawy -These days are soft and small. They have actually a glowing brown appearance and also a caramel-like smell profile.

Much like how a raisin is a dried grape, prunes are actually plums that have actually been dried out. This makes the flavors sweeter and much more concentrated than a continuous plum. Once the water contents is removed, the texture i do not care chewier and every one of the flavors come to be less diluted.


As you"ll watch in our cooking recipes section, prunes have the right to be used in a wide variety of dishes. They can also be re-hydrated with different marinades to produce all kinds of fun and unique odor profiles.

Both being reasonably sweet dried fruits, it"s no surprise that dates and also prunes are nutritionally quite similar. Listed below we will explore the macronutrient and micronutrient profile and also talk around some studies that have been done on one of two people of these 2 fruits.All of this numbers are based upon 50g the fruit and calculated indigenous Cronometer. We highly recommend them for doing your own nutritional calculations! (2)

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Because they are dried, both dates and prunes have actually high calorie counts per gram. This doesn"t necessarily average that they space unhealthy, yet you might want to host off on lock if you"re trying to rapidly shed weight. If weight loss is her goal, you"re best bet is sticking with fruits with greater water content as castle will store you more satiated. Fruit such together cantaloupes, new berries, or actual plums room a great example.However, if you room trying to preserve your weight or searching for high-quality foodstuffs to fuel her athletic tasks - one of two people of them are a great pick as they have a high quantity of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This will become an ext clear in the following section.

As comprehensive by the graph below, both dates and also prunes contain a high amounts of vitamins and minerals. If the percentages might look contempt low, remember the this is for a relatively little serving.

Judging by the chart, you"ll also note that prunes it seems ~ to have overall an ext nutrients every 50 grams than days do v a smaller sized amount that calories. This is particularly true once it comes to Vitamin B2, Vitamin A, and also Vitamin K.

Although it"s not frequently discussed, the health promoting properties of foodstuffs are more than macro and also micronutrients. Plant foods are especially rich in antioxidants and also phytochemicals both of i m sorry play crucial roles in our health and longevity. In this section below, us go past the traditional nutrients and look at few of the an ext subtle results of prunes and dates.

Antioxidants are very important, yet regularly overlooked when discussing the healthfulness of certain foods. They aid protect our bodies against "oxidation" or "oxidative stress".Oxidative stress is one of the significant mechanisms connected with moving damage, aging, and details diseases. Component of a healthy lifestyle means consuming as many antioxidant rich foods items as possible.

Dates and prunes space both rich resources of antioxidants. Back they may be rather calorie thick (when compared to non-dried fruits), both the these fruit are extremely healthy so lengthy as lock don"t cause you to go completely overboard on your everyday caloric needs. (3)

Prunes and also Bone Loss

Prunes aren"t the usual suspect once it pertains to bone health, yet there was actually a study done that confirmed that consuming prunes for 3 months increased one of the many responsive mite in the blood because that bone formation.

A much more in-depth research done later on on, proved that the outcomes went beyond blood markers. Prunes actually had actually bone protection results in the spine, bone, and arm.

What If you Ate dates Daily?

If you"ve ever eaten days then this thought is most likely to have crossed your mind:"Oh man, other this sweet and also this delicious can"t actually be great for me!"A perfectly ripe date is for this reason sweet and also so decadent that you periodically literally think you"re eat junk food. However does eating days have the same health and wellness implications of eating processed candy?One study proved that it does not. Participants ate 100g of days for a month and also despite this gift a chuck 63g of everyday sugar, didn"t show any type of adverse effects. In fact, participants observed improvements in your antioxidant anxiety levels and triglycerides. The greatest benefits to be realized indigenous those participants eating Hallawi dates. (4)

"It is concluded the date consumption (and largely the Hallawi variety) by healthy subjects, in spite of their high street content, demonstrates useful effects ~ above serum triacylglycerol and oxidative stress and also does not worsen serum glucose and also lipid/lipoprotein patterns, and also thus deserve to be taken into consideration an antiatherogenic nutrient ."

Now, while us think this research was a bit limited in scope, the goes to show even at sight sweet and delicious totality fruits together as dates come v positive health benefits.

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This plays further to our main position that you want to choose your foods based on an ext than just calories and also nutrient content. You want to eat entirety plant foodstuffs as much as possible!

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